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12 Highest-Paying Plasma Donation Centers In 2022

This is usually conducted at the donation center and is designed to assure you’re healthy and able to donate plasma. The center will conduct a brief physical and ask you a series of questions to ensure you’re healthy enough to donate plasma. Several factors determine whether a person is eligible to donate plasma. These requirements vary by state and location, so you’ll have to research the donor eligibility requirements in your specific area.

I think it’s a great think that you’re helping people out through your donations, just make sure to put your health concerns first ;). Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced, healthy diet is always a good choice, but it’s even more important on the days leading up to plasma donation. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the day of your donation. Drink about 6 to 8 cups of water the day before and day of donating, and eat a protein- and iron-rich meal within 3 hours of donation.

Is donating plasma painful?

Not generally — people who take certain prescription drugs, show signs of injectable drug use, or are visibly intoxicated are not allowed to donate plasma. The need for plasma and plasma donors is more urgent than ever before. Visit to learn more and to find a donation center near you. Todetermine whether you’re eligible to donate plasma, you’ll need research facilities in your state.

People who have taken Accutane, oral Retin-A, or finasteride in the past month can’t donate. Anyone who has ever taken etretinate is not allowed to donate plasma. People who are currently taking medication for treating TB or malaria also can’t donate. Finally, if you’ve gotten a body piercing or tattoo in the past 12 months, you’re ineligible.

Plasma Donation Memes

Read on for our guide to frequently asked questions about the requirements for donating plasma and the process overall. CSL Plasma, for example, compensates donors up to $1,100 per month via a prepaid debit card. Donation sites offer compensation plans that vary based on your location and body weight.

  • Residents of Canada and Mexico may also donate plasma at their center and get paid by doing so per visit.
  • Most donor sites also limit the number of times you can donate plasma each month.
  • The payments vary by location, and they run monthly specials to get new donors or encourage previous donors to make more frequent donations.
  • Most of their centers are open 6 days per week and closed on Sundays.

Interstate Companies are located in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin. Most of their centers are open 6 days per week and closed on Sundays. ImmunoTek also provides a referral bonus called “Buddy Bonus,” where you can earn up to $50 for all members. You can also receive an extra $50 once your friends complete the coupon form from their first-time visit.