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Contact the store where the plant or fish was purchased for proper handling advice or possible return. Give or trade with another aquarist, pond owner, or water gardener. Donate to a local aquarium society, school, or aquatic business.

Over 65,000 gallons with multiple hiding areas, different depths, various water features with lights, fountains and bubblers. Keeping koi is a fun and fulfilling hobby, but it comes with the responsibility of ensuring your koi have a safe, healthy existence. Should you be faced with having to rehome your living jewels, it’s imperative that you take the time to find new owners who will care and provide for your beautiful fish.

  • Fill out this form to be contacted about surrendering or adopting Fish.
  • Even if you are far from your golden years, it’s never too early to plan your wishes for your koi in the event that you can no longer care for them.
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  • There may be no suitable foods for them so they’ll starve, or they may become lunch for the fish and other wildlife that are native to the area.
  • Several alternatives exist for getting rid of an unwanted fish.
  • I have koi and I am looking for 2 to 3 new ones, but I do not know how all the procedures work to obtain rehomed fish.

A backyard aquatic wonderland complete with finned beauties can entice even those who never previously considered a pond. But buyers need to beware–or at least be aware–of the responsibility and commitment this entails. There are several life events and circumstances that can necessitate rehoming your koi. A transfer in ownership can be in your koi’s best interest if you can no longer care for some or all of them to the extent they deserve.

Seal aquatic plants in plastic bags and dispose in trash. Our parents could no longer take care of their koi pond, it was pea soup green and in bad shape. Majestic Koi Rescue came down, helped us drain the pond and safely caught and transferred all the koi. We received pictures of the koi nursed back to good health in the foster ponds. My koi fish outgrew my small pond and I wanted to give them a great home.

Our passion lies with the Koi themselves, and so we decided to focus on livestock only. We dedicate all our knowledge and focus on providing you with the best quality and healthiest fish possible along with exceptional customer service if you’re looking to buy Koi Fish for sale online. I live in western Kentucky and have a koi about 28 to 30 inches long. I am in the simpsonville south carolina area and i have three koi. They were a gift from someone who didn’t know anything about koi and i wasn’t aware of what i was getting until they showed up in a box on my doorstep.

Diseased fish are a little more difficult to deal with. They cannot be given away, but they should never be dumped into local waterways or flushed. Sick fish that cannot be cured should be quickly and mercifully euthanized before being disposed of in a sealed plastic bag in the trash that goes to a sanitary landfill. Check with your local veterinarian if you need help with euthanizing fish, as they have anesthetics that can be added to the water to safely and quickly euthanize the fish. Check to see if there is a fish club in your region.

It is our passionate belief that koi fish are unique and cherished animals. We strive to promote a legacy of caring and compassion when their owners can no longer care for them and help them to continue living long and healthy lives. As you look out on your beautiful pondscape and recall all the hours you’ve spent selecting your living jewels and creating their utopia, the idea of ever parting with them might seem unthinkable. But sometimes rehoming your koi becomes necessary due to changing life circumstances or interests. If you’ve made the decision to part with your koi, it’s important that you rehome them ethically and responsibly.

What do you do with koi fish you don’t want?

It’s always best to hand off your koi to someone you know and trust, but that may not always be possible. The next step is to do some research to find a koi owners’ club nearby or reach out on a local online forum. Several rescue organizations also exist around the country that can help ethically rehome koi. A new koi owner who hasn’t done his or her homework might assume these fish can go in a small- or medium-sized tank and will be in for quite a surprise when the koi quickly outgrow it. Koi are different from other breeds of fish, such as goldfish, which will adapt their growth to the size of their tank. A goldfish kept in a small tank will remain a small goldfish.

He eventually heard back from the animal curator with the conservatory and he agreed to take Kushnier’s fish. When trying to find a place to send them, he at first reached out to some people he knew to see if he could sell his fish, but he would have had to separate them, something he didn’t want to do. He said he has been interested in fish all his life and started to collect the fish because he enjoyed Japanese culture. Our selection of Butterfly Koi has the most colorful markings — more than that of a regular koi. Their uniquely long, wispy fins help them live up to their Butterfly name.


Please understand – Our volunteers work, have obligations and families, so please allow us PLENTY of time, if possible, to schedule rescue of your beautiful fish. For starters, the living conditions are usually less than ideal. Water temperatureand other environmental factors may be too harsh for them to survive. Bacteria and parasites they aren’t normally exposed to—and therefore aren’t resistant to—might infest them.

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Southern California Koi Rescue has provided free koi fish rescue and rehoming services since 2008. A registered 501 non-profit organization, our experienced team of friendly volunteers can come to your location and safely transport your koi to one of our waiting quarantine tanks. All rescued koi are quarantined for a minimum period of 4-6 weeks before ultimately being relocated to a properly vetted new forever home. As private hobbyists ourselves, we understand how much pond owners care for their beloved koi and how they can feel like part of the family. For this reason we commonly provide photos and videos of our rescued koi back to their former owners so they will know they arrived to us safe and sound. With the completion of our BEAUTIFUL NEW pond we are now offering a new rescue and adoption program and this one ISN’T for the furry family members!

For instance, koi that have been trained to hand feed will recognize their owners distinctly, and you can experience a certain level of bonding unmatched by most other fish. Limiting your population to a manageable level helps avoid potentially lethal problems such as excessive waste build-up, depletion of dissolved oxygen, and stress from crowded conditions. Plus, it gives you additional time and resources to care and bond with the koi you already have. Koi grow quickly and can continually reproduce, resulting in a pond’s population increasing substantially over time. The common rule of thumb is that a pond should contain at least 10 gallons of water for each inch of fish.

Easiest method is to drain the pond so only a few inches of water left. If you drain the pond, you can use just about any tight mesh net. You don’t really want to use landing nets that you get at the sporting goods store. That type of net has about an inch grid, and the fins & scales of the koi will get caught in the net, tearing them off. You really want to get a net that has a much smaller mesh, like 1/4″ holes.