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Fine navigation and lane guidance will escort you all the way. When we are accepting items, we will update this page. I work with SEWA-AIFW and we donate gentle used culturally appropriate for South Asian women to women shelters in our area . Winter can be a harsh reality for those who don’t have the comforts that we take for granted. We must not forget that there are people who need our help to weather these cold months.

If your clothes are in good condition and can be worn by people between the ages of 7-25, look no further than AMM. They also went a step ahead, and gift-wrapped the clothes that they were handing out. While it started out of necessity, the work that this group does has been continuing. To help you manage your ‘to-give-away’ pile of clothes better, we have compiled a list of seven organisations where you can distribute your used clothes.

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In 2020, Google Maps was used by over 1 billion people every month. Any donation, no matter the amount, is a precious gift. Because of our independent status, we at SWIF are able to maximize the spending power of each of our donor dollars. You can be assured that your contribution goes directly to help Native Americans in their most urgent needs.

BeMC presents ‘Bastra Upahar’ to the needy, migrants – The New Indian Express

BeMC presents ‘Bastra Upahar’ to the needy, migrants.

Posted: Sun, 10 Apr 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Give your drivers and customers the Google Maps experience they know and love with routes that cover 40 million miles of roads in over 200 countries and territories. We also ask that you not leave donations outside the shop after business hours. The sad fact is goods left overnight are often stolen or damaged. Drop off your donations during normal business hours at any of our 4 retail locations. First i thought of carrying them to India when i go there, but there is risk in it.

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For example, you can make sure you donate blankets, sweaters and other warm clothing during winters. Similarly, in summers, pick out light comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton. Many organisations that you donate to, usually wash the clothes that they receive. However, some help from your side in terms of sorting and cleaning the donated clothes will always be welcomed. Reduce their efforts by washing and neatly folding your clothes when you donate them. Just because a few clothes have a tear here and there doesn’t mean you need to toss them in the bin.

  • Is there any place where i can donate my indian clothes.
  • Kranthisaid…Humanity is far above Country, regions, caste, sex , religion.
  • While decluttering, my mom and I realized we have amassed so many Indian/traditional South Asian clothes over the years – saris, kurtas, salwar kameez, etc.

If they do not meet our guidelines, we will return them to you. You can also choose to go for the drop off option in case you want to drop the donations yourself. Our platform allows people to contribute to the growth and happiness of the underprivileged irrespective of their geographic distances and backgrounds. We strive to touch India’s rural most areas that lack even basic necessities such as food and clothing. With Refresh – a program that employs rural women for manufacturing utility products out of waste fabrics, we aim to empower women and provide them with sustainable livelihood. Most of the Indian clothes we wear in America are fine party wear attire and are almost new.

I was looking for a place to donate my Indian clothes. Before recommending I personally went there twice and gave my clothes there. If you check the website you will know they are trustworthy. Happier bringing a positive and uplifting effect on you. I have a closet full of desi wear i would love to donate but don’t know where.