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Our products and services are specially tailored for the equine market, the horse show circuit and customers with large horse facilities. We service a vast geographical scope with both clients and fields spread all over the United States and the rest of the world. Winterpast Farm can always use pumpkins, hay bales, dried corn arrangements and more. When you cut your pumpkin feel free to bag the “glop” and drop it at the barn. PEG LEG the pig especially loves pumpkin and she is nursing three piglets right now!

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The hay will be used in the maternity pens for all the baby goats and lambs we expect to have born this winter. The history of Eastern Hay Corporation dates back to 1923 when the company began as a dairy farm, which was then known as Heinchon Dairy. Please don’t worry, you won’t find a bale of hay on your doorstep – it’s purely a generous donation from you to help us feed the farm animals. By donating £6, your wonderful contribution will go towards purchasing bales of hay to feed the animals here at the Aldingbourne Country Centre. Return to Freedom provides sanctuary to more than 450 wild horses and burros. As we continue to fight for wild herds’ rightful place on America’s public lands, we are also fighting an ongoing financial struggle.


Our deep thanks to those who can participate as regular meal sponsors. A sanctuary for farmed, abused or neglected animals needs a constant supply of feed if it is to become a lasting refuge for animals seeking shelter. Frymyer noted that Page farmers suffered drastically cut pasture, hay and silage because of the severe drought conditions earlier in the summer and many used up their usual winter feed supplies. Some 40 county farmers applied for allotments ranging from 10 to 100 bales. My barn has a lot of horses and we go through tons of shavings.

Dream Haven Equine Sanctuary operates to provide permanent homes for thoroughbreds and other equines that are abandoned or rescued from unsavory circumstances that left them to be slaughtered. The Texas drought has compromised the ability to obtain round bales of hay for the horses within the State of Texas. We are working with contacts in Louisiana to purchase 120 round bales of Coastal Bermuda hay. We are also having to contract for the long haul delivery to the farm.

Hay Bale Donation

Large animals need significant amounts of feed and we want that to be the best quality to ensure their longevity, good health and well-being. Coun Edwards, who was one of four survivors from a class of 34, added the Queen has shown a continuing interest in Aberfan since 1966 and recently made a donation to a project helping local school leavers without qualifications. THE Queen says her biggest regret during her reign is failing to visit Aberfan immediately after the coal slide which killed 146 people in 1966, it has been reported. I myself live in Dutchess County, Poughquag, NY and have a small farm.

  • Unfortunately, our set up does not allow space for a tractor trailer of shavings.
  • The feed was being stockpiled and then would be distributed by the Rural Support Trust to affected farmers, she said.
  • You may also choose to become a regular meal sponsor by setting up a payment of a hay bale every week, fortnight or month.
  • A sanctuary for farmed, abused or neglected animals needs a constant supply of feed if it is to become a lasting refuge for animals seeking shelter.

Unfortunately, our set up does not allow space for a tractor trailer of shavings. Eastern Hay hand delivered 250 bags every 10 days and unloaded them until Chris Johnson went out and purchaed a half size tractor trailer that would fit on the side of my barn! Thanks to them for caring about my business enough to do all that for me. Whatever size bale of hay works best for your farm, we have it. Our network of seasoned horse professionals and our feed specialist from Purina ensure that each horse receives the proper nutrition. This service is usually complimentary on behalf of Purina products and the internal staff.

She and her father John Espin sought support from other farmers at their local Midhurst Dairy NZ Discussion Group. Taranaki Rural Support Trust chair Mike Green said coastal Taranaki had been particularly hard hit, with many farmers having to dry off their herds early and reduce stock numbers as they did not have enough feed. Generous donations, all donations are used in the long term care of all our animal residents. The way people view farmed animals and promote, educate and encourage compassionate cruelty-free living. The distribution was coordinated through local extension service offices in cooperation with the U.S. and Virginia departments of agriculture.