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Where to Donate foreign-language books?

This means that you’ll sometimes find yourself jumping into auctions blind, especially if you don’t understand German and don’t have information to provide you with some context. However, you can generally assume that the most valuable titles, which are worth anywhere between a thousand to a couple hundred thousand dollars, come from the 16th and 17th centuries. In comparison, more modern texts from the 19th century and later are worth the lower hundreds on average.

One of the organization’s groups, Prison Book Program has a list of states the organization services, so you may be able to find one near you. In addition to donating your books, you can also make a financial donation to cover the cost of shipping the books you donate. Publishers donate brand new books to us for free, and your donation helps cover the cost of selecting, packing and sending books worldwide to the places where they are needed most. But her mum helps her sneak out – and thanks to people like you her local library is stocked with brand new books. Pick a cause to support and declutter your home all at once. At the same time, share the gift of reading with someone who can benefit from books you no longer use.

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The SAGA Library is happy to accept most donations of clean, gently-used German language materials. To make arrangements for a donation please email us at Our collections are at the heart of our mission to preserve the German-Jewish past and to keep that past present for future generations. Just enter your zip code, and you’ll get a list of charities in your area that pick up donations. Then you can schedule your donation pick up for free!

Not every book will travel far, but sometimes a book can make it across the country and you get to follow its path. Freecycle is a free, local online bulletin board dedicated to reusing goods. Create an account, post a brief description of the books you are looking to donate, and see if anyone local is interested in taking them.

The nonprofit was founded in 2003, and has shipped $30 million in care packages, which include books. Duke’s West European Collection includes The Jantz Collection, which consists of 3500 titles of German Baroque literature among other German texts as well. EBay – Of course, eBay is a great place to start if you’re looking for any German title to add to your collection. While they don’t have the best mechanism for searching for your works, they do have a lot of titles available. The theatre idea might be a good one here- especially if they look older and hefty. I work in the theatre, and we use books a lot as set dressing.

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I wonder whether Little Free Libraries accept books as well as offering them—probably depends on the owner. I’m disappointed you didn’t recommend a local school for used children’s books. New, as well as seasoned, teachers appreciate the addition to their classroom libraries. If your local school doesn’t have a Little library, suggest one, or help to establish one.

Donating books is a great idea and it would be better if you donate them to a needy person. I volunteer in the books corner at a thrift store, and we get a lot of books that come through the store more than once . We take books in any condition, but those in bad shape, or too dated to be useful (like computer books for long-gone software), go to paper recycling. If you could help me and send them to me, I will be grateful.

  • Based on their site, it seems like Pickup Please is a bit more flexible in what they will accept.
  • Book drives are held in the United States, then books are sent overseas to help promote literacy in various regions.
  • "Clothing donation is still needed. Used Clothes are still of real value, there are even commercial collections at least once a month in major cities.
  • In addition to donating your books, you can also make a financial donation to cover the cost of shipping the books you donate.
  • Just give them a call to see if they’d be willing to accept your used books.
  • I’ve mentioned a few charitable organizations above, like The Salvation Army and the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Otherwise I have books in French, Italian, German, Hebrew, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Estonian, and Japanese. Donating used books helps give the less fortunate access to a larger world through the wonders of reading. If you have books or other materials which fall into these categories which you would like to donate, please contact the librarian to see whether we can add your materials to our holdings. Generally, during non-COVID pandemic times, the SAGA library is available for students, staff, parents and members of the public. For the time being, the library remains closed to parents and other members of the public. We hope to reopen the library to in person visits as soon as health and safety regulations permit.

If it helps, they’re popular science books, written for a general audience. To support our new German language program the library has started a German Language book collection. We have already purchased some picture books and received a very welcome donation of chapter books written in German. The site sells donated books online to help raise funds for non-profit literacy organizations.

Most homeless shelters or any of these other options will accept gently used donated books, and you can find these places across the country. Just drop the books off at your library’s front desk. Some libraries even have donation bins that make it easy to get rid of your books. One of the best places to donate used books is the Salvation Army.