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Unfortunately, the event page doesn’t look like having too many participants, but I still think this is a nice quote that deserved to be mentioned here. A slogan that says it all in a nice, powerful poster. Created to raise awareness for the World Blood Donors Day back in 2012, this quote is one of my favorites because it manages to create a sense of belonging to the community.

  • The quote is used in a poster that celebrates World Blood Donor Days.
  • He doesn’t have to worry about his iron being too low.
  • You will also answer questions about your health history and places you’ve traveled.
  • If a guy with no heart can donate blood, so can you.
  • For dizziness, lie down or sit with your head between your knees.

I have made for you a selection of 11 blood donation slogans that are not only very convincing but also funny and unforgettable. We won’t let the vampires catch you. Donating blood only takes about an hour of your time. Please see the following step by step instructions to ensure a good experience with blood donation.

We have our secret fears when donating blood. Tell us yours!

People believe that they can’t donate blood anymore, but hospitals are urging donors to com… If a guy with no heart can donate blood, so can you. Be like that not awful part of Mike Pence. Find a blood donation place by searching online for “blood donation near me” or use an online locator from the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies. If you’re a member of the military, you can start your donation today through the U.S.

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Lagniappe Open Now, La La Land Next Week.

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Consider donating blood again! Return donors are very important in ensuring a stable blood supply and help when there are shortages as well! You can donate blood up to 6 times a year. Use to raised awareness for a blood drive at Crowne Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, the quote reminds you that donating blood means supporting lifes. Simple, powerful, straight to the point, exactly the way slogan should be. The quote refers to the ban on blood donation some countries, US included, impose on gay men no matter their health condition or lifestyle.

Blood Donation Humor

Ask your donation center for more information. The FREE Blood Donor app puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. This inspired slogan was used to promote a blood drive event on Facebook.

Being a hero is not in reach for most of us, but this quote reminds you that we can really be of great help for someone in need by simply giving blood. The slogan was promoting a Bonfils Blood Center blood drive. This person rode 110 miles on a bike to donate blood for his twin brother’s surgery. Here in Italy, most activities are shut down.