Does My Company Match Donations

Employer matching gifts FAQ

Double the Donation removed all of the hassle for you and your supporters by creating a searchable database that includes over 20,000 companies and subsidiaries. Additionally, employees can have up to $20,000 matched every year. They have research and development sites all over the world, including Ireland, Japan, and India. Pfizer is an American pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in New York City. They develop and produce medicines and vaccines, including medications such as Lyrica, Zithromax, and Celebra, and employ over 96,000 people worldwide. You can automate outreach, and analyze and forecast your corporate philanthropy revenue all through one program.

And with matching gift revenue basically being free money, it’s hard to come up with reasons not to take advantage of this. Employees must commit a minimum of 25 hours for a maximum of $1,000 in volunteer grants to eligible organizations. Verizon offers volunteer grants of $750 for an employee who volunteers 50 hours with that organization. Each employee can request up to two separate grants per year. Microsoft does not require a minimum amount of hours for employees to receive a volunteer grant on behalf of organizations. If our mission is important to you, find out if your company has a matching gifts program.

Top Companies Offering Donation Matches in 2022

And when it comes down to it, there may be no more effective fundraising strategy than announcing to your employees that you’ll match what they put down. You may be surprised to find out how many donors’ gifts you were able to impact. A donation page, or even a search tool, can sometimes make the difference between whether an employee decides to give or not, since it streamlines the giving process. Your platform can – and should – be capable of providing it all.

A great company matching program sounds like a plan—until it comes time for employees to actually make their donation. Then, if you don’t have an adequate system for the donations, they can get frustrated. Simply put, the will might be there, but people in charge of creating giving programs may not know that there are platforms that can help them along the way. Because of that, they think that corporate matching gift programs are too difficult to establish, or require countless meetings with the accounting department. To create an effective donation matching program with Alaya, there are a few steps worth following that will make it easier. It’s always worthwhile using a matching gift software or platform to maximize the impacts you can have for these nonprofits.

The biggest hurdle to collecting matching gift revenue is a lack of donor awareness. Not only do donors not know if they are eligible for matching gift programs, but they also don’t even know what matching gifts are. HP is an information technology company that offers a matching gift program and volunteer grants for active employees.

The impact of your gift to the American Cancer Society may be doubled or possibly tripled! These are just a few of the exceptional matching gift programs out there. As you expand your matching gift fundraising, keep an eye out for these programs, and make sure to follow-up with those employees. There is $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue left on the table each year, and all you have to do is ask for it. When your donor makes a donation to your organization, they provide important information that can be used to identify their matching gift eligibility. 360MatchPro’s automated platform will identify donors based on a variety of factors, including email addresses and employer information, to identify those who are match eligible.