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Mason Ramsey Net Worth How Much Does Mason Ramsey Make?

After that, he made his appearance in the popular TV reality comedy show titled The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Currently, he is enrolled at the same school from where he is completing his high school studies. Since childhood, he has an immense passion for singing and started learning music at the age of three. He rose to stardom after his video went viral over the internet in which he did yodel on the song titled Lovesick Blues by Hank Williams.

Mason was born on November 16, 2006, in Illinois, US. When he was three weeks old, he came to live with his paternal grandparents, Ernest M. Ramsey and Frances Ramsey in Golconda, Illinois. I tell Mason that I do, but that I don’t think we have enough time to play another game because he needs to get going pretty soon. “We try to keep him in his hometown with his family as much as possible to keep him grounded,” adds Awad. But if there’s one thing everyone who’s met Mason agrees on, it’s that no one has a more supportive, better-intentioned family.

A 12-year-old sparks new TikTok trend – he disappeared from the internet years ago after going viral – Business Insider South Africa

A 12-year-old sparks new TikTok trend – he disappeared from the internet years ago after going viral.

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After that, he released singles like “Jambalaya” and “The Way I See It”. He has also released an extended play titled Famous and has been featured in the remix version of the popular song titled Old Town Road by Lil Nas X along with popular stars like Billy Ray Cyrus and Young Thug. Twitter users absolutely loved the 11-year-old music prodigy looking positively dapper in a bow-tie and cowboy boots. He tapped his feet and yodelled his heart out, mesmerising fans from all over the world. His performance was turned into memes that have been circulating on the internet for a while now.

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Several disk jockeys have made remixes of the song, which have become popular in their own right. After his show of pure talent in the yodeling viral video, every big record labels wanted to sign him. Being young and talented with a whole future in front of him, he would be a very sound investment for any record label. Consequently four weeks into the limelight he was snapped up by the giant Atlantic Records and also Big Loud records.

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Memes and remixes have been made of his performance, he has appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, sang at the Grand Ole Opry, and performed at the 2018 Coachella. His grandparents have created accounts on various social media platforms for him to interact with his rapidly increasing fanbase. He has more than 53 thousand followers on Facebook, over 250 thousand followers on Twitter, and 1.6 million followers on Instagram. There is a lucky percentage of people whose sun seems to rise earlier than it does for the rest of us and Mason Ramsey belongs to this fortunate group. He is a 12-year-old American singer with a bang effect on social media.

"We take Mason all over the country. He just loves to sing," said Earnest Ramsey, Mason’s grandfather. It was Earnest, who, along with his wife, Frances, raised Mason since he was three weeks old. Earnest also unwittingly inspired Mason’s singing career by exposing the youngster to the music of Hank Williams with a karaoke machine he kept in his garage.

Hoffard, who’s known the family for years as a country music journalist in Southern Illinois, says Mason’s childhood performances were always a result of him asking his grandparents to let him perform, and never the other way around. “This 10-Year-Old Boy Yodeling in a Walmart Aisle Just Made Country Music Cool Again,” read one early Buzzfeed headline. And, so, two days after that meeting in California, and one day after earning a standing ovation during his Opry debut, Mason was entering a studio in Nashville for the first time to record what would become his debut single. “Famous” is a tender mid-tempo ballad that, despite being a love song sung by a preteen, proved to be a relatively well-fitting, oddly-moving commentary on newfound attention and alienation.

The first song he tried to sing was Williams Sr.’s ‘Long Gone Lonesome Blues’. At the age of four, he performed for Josh Turner at the Carson Center, opened for Gene Watson when he was five years old, and took up the guitar after he turned six. As a seven-year-old, Mason sang with Kenny Rogers on a Christmas TV Show. Immediately after being released, the popular hit single, “Famous” rode on the heat of Mason Ramsey’s hype. As such, it appeared in the top 5 of country music charts and 62nd in the Billboard hot 100 charts. Moreover, the song appeared 7th in the Billboards Heatseeker Albums chart.