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Did Amber Heard donate her divorce settlement money as promised? Court orders charity to reveal Entertainment News

However, Johnny Depp is now suing the American Civil Liberties Union for refusing to reveal whether Heard had actually donated the promised $3.5 million yet. The actress has boasted about the charitable giveaway not only in media interviews but as evidence in her testimony in a London court, last year, during a defamation case that Depp had brought against the UK’s Sun newspaper. Depp’s reputation received a thunderous blow after he lost the case as the presiding judge agreed with the publication’s depiction of the actor, calling it "substantially true." To date, the ACLU credits Heard with having donated $1.3 million; but in court, they only offered a thank you letter to verify the $350,000 donation — and Rolling Stone could not find a correlating donation in the ACLU’s tax records from that period.

Dougherty said he had reviewed earlier drafts of Heard’s op-ed and, based upon that, “knew that they were referring to Johnny Depp her marriage.” In the final edit, however, Heard’s legal team “neutered” references to her marriage and domestic violence. Heard tweeted on December 19, 2018, that she had become an “ambassador on women’s rights” for the ACLU. (She is still listed on the ACLU’s website as an ambassador.) Her op-ed ran one day prior.

Amber Heard lied about donating Johnny Depp’s $7 million divorce settlement

Mads Mikkelsen is now set to apprise the role in the third installment of the movie, which is based onJ.K. Bredehoft also alleges that Depp’s legal representatives are purposefully speculating about the status of Heard’s donation to draw focus away from the actor’s ongoing legal woes. News, a Children’s Hospital Los Angeles spokesperson says, "Due to circumstances of the litigation, CHLA is legally precluded from sharing details about the case publicly." We are one of the world’s fastest growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world. MEAWW brings you the best content from its global team of reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader.

However, the general counsel at the ACLU, Terence Dougherty, said in a video deposition that Heard never donated her pledged $3.5 million to the organisation. Amber Heard has explained why she is yet to donate her full $7 million (£5.6 million) divorce settlement to charity despite previously pledging to do so. Another grenade has been lobbed over the wall in the acrimonious (and apparently never-ending) battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The former married couple divorced in 2016 and two days later, Heard announced that she’d be donating her entire $7 million settlement to charity. More specifically, the money was set to be divided between the ACLU and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

"We obviously can’t disclose any attorney-client communications, but as Mr. Depp testified and as we both made clear in our respective closings, this was never about money for Mr. Depp," Chew responded. Six days later, Depp’s lawyers Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew appeared on Good Morning America, where Chew told George Stephanopoulos that his client was only interested in "restoring his reputation" during the trial. Depp, meanwhile, was found to have defamed his ex-wife on one of three claims in her countersuit. When payments stopped coming in by 2018, the ACLU reached out to Heard in 2019 about future installments, said Dougherty, who added, "We learned she was having financial difficulties." A ’90s teen and horror film connoisseur, she started at the brand in 2016, after a decade of working as a technical writer and then moonlighting as a journalist beginning in 2013.