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Give Grieving Families the Gift of Time

The CuddleCot™ system is a specially designed bassinet with a quiet cooling unit. The compact system allows for the baby to remain in the same room with the parents. Being so little the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent with babies, but a Cuddle Cot can preserve the body allowing parents cherished time with their child.

Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby and helps them in dealing with their loss. OGDEN, Utah — A local family is turning the pain of giving birth to a stillborn baby into an act of kindness for others who experience this tremendous loss. A Cuddle Cot gives families the gift of time, allowing for their precious angel to be at their bedside during their hospital stay. Crystal Wagner, a former patient, and her husband Shawn, experienced a tragic loss with the stillborn birth of their child in October of 2011 at Capital Region Medical Center. Once you have the CuddleCot, arrange a donation day with the hospital.

  • A CuddleCot comes with costs of approximately 3.000USD and will be ordered and delivered directly from Flexmort.
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  • Once you have the CuddleCot, arrange a donation day with the hospital.
  • A simple sticker might do it as well or you leave it as it is and donate it.
  • This is all the time they have with them for upon discharge from the hospital they leave empty handed, devastated, that they are not bringing home their precious little one as planned.

Starting today, we will begin taking monetary donations to be able to gift a Cuddle Cot to Novant Matthew’s Medical Center in Xander’s honor. These remarkable machines give families more time with their babies that have passed. My family and I know first hand how precious that time is, we are thankful to have had it with Xander and would be honored to give that gift to other families during their darkest hours. The donation was facilitated by Ashlie’s Embrace, an Ohio-based not-for-profit with a mission to provide CuddleCots™ to U.S. hospitals so parents have more time to hold their baby and say goodbye. After the founders suffered a loss of their own, Ashlie’s Embrace has raised over $531,140 and has placed over 90 CuddleCots™ in 20 states. The CuddleCot cooling cot and the CuddleBlanket mortuary blanket provide grieving families an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones without having to cool the whole room.

Many babies are rushed away from the family and they are not given the opportunity to share, dress, photograph and make footprints of their child. The state of Indiana has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. It is said, that a child dies every 13 hours in our state, that is devastating. I believe we must provide loving care for families of pregnancy and infant loss in our area Hospitals. It is my hope that by donating 5 Cuddle Cots to the 5 main area hospitals in Marion County we can bring healing to hurting families. I challenge each of the main Health Networks to dig deep into their resources to make sure that every one of their branch hospitals acquires a Cuddle Cot very soon.

She is a firm believer in working with her clients to give back to the community. The device is manufactured and used extensively in the United Kingdom, yet there are fewer than 900 of them in U.S. hospitals. For more information about Mary Washington Healthcare’s perinatal bereavement services, Stafford, VA – Stafford Hospital has acquired a contribution of a CuddleCot™, adding to the range of comfort services offered to bereaved parents. Some go to the hospital to say hello and goodbye to their child and their dreams of joy are swallowed up in sorrow. The CuddleCot cools to an ideal temperature for preserving baby without being too cold for the parents.

A Utah family is turning the pain of giving birth to a stillborn baby into an act of kindness for others who experience this tremendous loss. As of today, Cuddling Angels has donated 7 Cuddle Cots to local hospitals. The donation was made possible by financial contributions by Emily and Mike Schlesinger and their family and friends.

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The portable CuddleBlanket can be used to turn any bed into a refrigerated bed and allows families to cool a deceased child or adult at home. The portable CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket allow families to cool a deceased baby, child or adult, thereby preserving their appearance, condition and dignity. Simply e-mail them, a sales representative will contact you and will lead you through the purchase and payment process. It takes about 3-5 days to complete the purchase and another 1-3 weeks to deliver. Therefore please don’t set a placement date at the hospital until you have the CuddleCot in your hands as customs might delay the process.

Mary Washington Healthcare is a not-for-profit health system with a longstanding commitment to providing care regardless of ability to pay. For more information about our services and facilities, visit The wish for more time transformed into a desire to help others who will suffer the same loss in the future. Crystal and Shawn began to raise funds for the purchase of a Cuddle Cot. The CuddleCot system, made by Flexmort, cools the departed newborn to a temperature that is ideal for preservation but is still comfortable for the parents.

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“I hope this system collects dust and it is never used, but it was a God-send for our family in allowing us time with Mason,” said Janice Schlesinger, grandmother to Mason. A baby’s presence with his/her family is a priceless gift that heals the most painful loss. When a family can hold, sing and rock their baby and allow siblings and extended family to share in the love, remarkable redemption can start to lift suffering. Ideas for fundraising are endless and depend on your own interests and talents. Maybe you are super-creative and design t-shirts or jewellery promoting your project and sell them?

Northwestern Medical Center receives donation of ‘Cuddle Cot’ to Northwestern Family Birth Center – St. Albans Messenger

Northwestern Medical Center receives donation of ‘Cuddle Cot’ to Northwestern Family Birth Center.

Posted: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

“There are families every single day to benefit from having a Cuddle Cot,” Jessica said. “A Cuddle Cot can keep your baby cool and you can keep them in the room with you. Then you don’t have to send them to the morgue overnight like we did with Henry,” Jessica said. The Bellevue Hospital and Ashlie’s Embrace are pleased to announce the placement of a CuddleCot™ for the Family Birthing Center at TBH. Ashlie’s Embrace partnered with Christi Jo Guhn Photography, LLC, of Clyde, to donate the unit.


Social media is a source of inspiration as well as for spreading the word. You might present your idea on the online fundraising platform Create a website or a Facebook page, an Instagram account and write about and document your project. A device called a ‘Cuddle Cot’ gives families experiencing this loss precious extra hours to spend with the baby. Ashlie’s Embrace, a registered 5013 organization based out of North Canton, Ohio, was founded in 2016 by Erin and Anthony Maroon after the loss of their full-term daughter, Ashlie. In her memory and honor, the Maroon’s have made it their goal to raise awareness about CuddleCots™ and help make them available to parents through medical facilities.