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Cuba Donations The Salvation Army

Cuba receives food, medicine donations from allies to ease crisis

Memory sticks are appreciated, load up your music etc and pass it along, batteries and rechargeable flashlights are also useful gifts. A good place to take donations is The Salvation Army in Havana. Headquarters address is 5513 Calle 96 entre 55 y 57. They have about 14 churches throughout the Island. They also operate several Homes for the Elderly, Adult Alcohol Rehab Centre, Feeding Centre and Vocational Training Centre. Can’t go wrong giivng to The Salvation Army is any of the 128 countries around the world where they operate!

Campaign to send donations to Cuba promoted in Argentina – Prensa Latina

Campaign to send donations to Cuba promoted in Argentina.View Full Coverage on Google News

Posted: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

I am appreciative of your article which brought me a sense of relief knowing all about the donations of essential goods, etc. Most importantly, thank you to the supporting countries & governments, compagnies & organisations for making a crucial difference at this critical time in Cuba. If I had to bring one single item, that I knew all landlords would appreciate… either a bag of ground coffee, or a nice towel. Both are expensive and hard to get in Cuba. Keep in mind that if you don’t have a clear plan on what you want to accomplish, these things will simply end up on the black market. Havana is a modern city and although there will be people on the street asking for handouts, those people are usually actually well off.

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In that case, most likely the unused item directly will be converted, because deficiency makes inventive. So if you still have space in your suitcase, this is an excellent occasion to take a look into the basement, the attic or the storage room. Instead of buying gifts, this not only saves money, but also benefits the environment. In this context, even basic household goods are difficult to afford for many people. The acquisition of everyday items is often a major investment.

I’m never sure what to bring or how to hand it out. We go to the resorts outside of Holguin so the only people we come in contact with, really, are staff. It is good to know that what is gifted is shared, so I no longer have worry so much about giving the perfect or most appropriate gift to the right person. That it is enough to just take toys, linens, toiletries, batteries, work gloves, tools, etc. and assume that whomever you give them to will make it to someone needs it. I noticed a big difference between what seems to be available in Varadero compared to Holguin.

The churches in old Havana are mostly open all day. They are tourist attractions and many charge a small admission to enter. You can drop off donations at the front desk. Also, if you look like a tourist, there is a strong likelihood that locals will approach you on the street and ask for clothes or donations. It’s not a great idea to give these items to people who ask for them, because usually they will just take the items and then try to sell them again . But still it is always an option, if you want.

Cuba Chamber Of Commerce

But Cubans love learning about the cultures of different countries. I have many friends from Portugal and I know that your country has a rich history and deep culture. If I was a landlord in Cuba, a souvenir from Portugal would make me very happy. A tiny galo de barcelos, or a piece of pottery or a small azulejo or a tiny bottle of Porto or even just a can of sardines.

  • You don’t have to and most people dont.
  • Will I have a problem bringing in a small microwave or toaster oven?
  • The pharmacies in Cuba are like pharmacies from 100 years ago.
  • Do you have any ideas how to find it or where to give these?
  • This question has been asked more times on message boards than any other.

Usually you can just put it in a box or just wrap the bike in plastic wrap. Or just disassemble the bike and put it in a large luggage bag. I have brought 5 bikes to Cuba and never had any problems or paid any duty. If you are bringing in a child’s bike, then it might raise some eyebrows if you say it is for personal use, but you are not traveling with a child. It is very rare that officials will even check the bike.

Gifts for women and families

The Foreign Trade Ministry continues to respond to solidarity assistance offers and has created new bank accounts to ease the financial donations. Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, called in recent days for UN member states to translate their rejection of the US blockade into concrete actions in favor of the Cuban people. Cuban authorities are highlighting donations as a sign that Cuba is not alone, in the face of its failed agricultural policy. The latest donations come from Russia, Mexico, China, Viet Nam and Bolivia. Some women wore black funeral attire and sported flower crowns.

With every following visit to Cuba, my friends and I have brought tons of school supplies to the school. If you are going to a resort, you can leave a few things for the maid and hand out the rest to people who are nice to you. Nothing is expected, but everything is appreciated.