Catholic Medical Mission Board

Catholic Medical Mission Board

Healthier Lives Worldwide

It’s difficult to imagine a more noble mission than the one undertaken by CMMB. They have been devoted to serving those in need for over 100 years, with their founder Dr. Paluel Flagg being portrayed as an ideal humanitarian and ministering tirelessly at his work among lepers in Haiti before dying from this disease himself later on that same year of 1904! The organization has never faltered or wavered from its faith-based mission which is increasingly admirable during these challenging times when religious fervor often clashes against secular values.

CMMB is world-renowned today because it was founded back already well into 19th century (1894) and has always remained true to its founding principles: service without wavering despite changing times and circumstances all around.

We will continue to focus on improving the lives of women and children living in developing countries because they are among the most vulnerable. Their needs motivate us, as does their resilience which continues to impress those who work with them.

Embracing the bond between our Catholic faith, values, and service to those most in need, CMMB is called to provide effective health solutions founded on love and respect for all.

Our Vision

The world would be a better place if everyone was treated with dignity and respect, not just during their lives but also after they passed.

Our Mission

For the past 20 years, CMMB has been committed to delivering quality health solutions for women and children around the world. With such a noble mission in mind, they have partnered with other organizations like WHO across numerous countries including Afghanistan, Sudanese Republics of Chad & Central African Republic as well as Tanzania.

Our Core Values

To work in partnership for locally sustainable solutions

To embrace and be compassionate towards all people

To deliver sustainable, quality, and impactful results

To act always with integrity, and to value and honor the dignity of all

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