Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA


Catholic charities have been around since 1904 when they were created out of humble beginnings from some very passionate Catholics – this organization is changing lives every day across America today!

Catholic Charities USA was founded over a century ago by men and women who believed that the collective efforts of the church to faithfully serve people in need could change the course of poverty. Since its founding, Catholic Charities has helped more than 140 million Americans through education, health care services for low-income families with children and individuals living with HIV/AIDS or other serious medical conditions; hunger relief; social service programs such as drug treatment centers and homeless shelters throughout our nation’s cities.

Catholic Charities USA has been a beacon of hope for those in need since 1966, providing support to people regardless of their faith. In recent years they have expanded services with the addition on two new programs: disaster relief and advocacy efforts. CCUSA’s response team was activated after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston this year and quickly got 2 million pounds of food to 20,000 families within days while simultaneously being active during other natural disasters that occurred across the country such as hurricanes Irma, Maria and Florence; wildfires in California; floods from tropical storms around Louisiana. The organization is also working hard advocating for legislation that will provide long-term solutions for our most vulnerable citizens who are struggling financially or otherwise without access to basic necessities like healthcare insurance coverage or clean water sources.


As Catholic Charities, we work hard to create a society where all people have access to the love of Jesus Christ. We are committed and passionate about dismantling anything that would keep sisters and brothers segregated or cast out from this world they live in together. With joy, we commit ourselves as Catholics Charity’s team members towards building bridges between our communities so everyone has an opportunity for life with dignity – responding sensitively to those who cry for what is needed most: hope, mercy & justice!

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