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The 9 Best Places to Donate Old Bras in the UK

This is because once collected, textiles are sorted into three categories. The first being rewear for clothing that can be worn again and sold as second-hand clothes. The second being reuse for old clothes and textiles which can be used as other products . And the third and final being recycle, in which old bras and other things can be turned into textile fibres used for things like insulation. Support The Girls is one of the few home-ground charities you can donate bras to in Australia. This looks like “Bra Gifting Days”—an entire day dedicated to providing women with bras, underwear toiletries and menstrual hygiene products to women who come from a range of backgrounds.

About 85 percent of textiles produced in the U.S. end up in landfills on an annual basis, and one of the more ubiquitous landfill finds happen to be bras. Therefore, finding a proper bra disposal method is absolutely crucial. Proper hygiene is very important for those who do not have a home and this includes having clean underwear and socks! Your old clothing can make a big difference in someone else’s life, especially if you’re trying to give back or volunteer at a local homeless shelter or church in your area.

Before you head to your nearest major thrift store, check out these bra donation ideas. Instead, several organizations aim to extend the life cycle of lingerie, while also helping women in need and raising global awareness of the benefits of salvaging and repurposing textile waste. If you’re cleaning out your drawers and come across a bra you no longer wear, can you donate it?

To donate an old bra, UK residents have some great options available to them. We buy them, wear them, love them, maybe sometimes even hate them (underwired bras we’re looking at you) but one thing we all do is keep them even after we’ve stopped wearing them. A trash bag or garbage container isn’t a good idea as it won’t protect against odors or pests.

Bras For A Cause

That doesn’t mean you should never donate anything to major thrift stores though, of course. Goodwill does send a lot of its unsold clothes to textile recyclers to keep them out of landfills. However, in 2014 alone, 22 million pounds of Goodwill clothes ended up unsold and in landfills after all. Also, some large thrift stores don’t accept bras at all. While policies vary by location, most Goodwill drop-off centers will accept clean and gently used bras for resale.

  • Some will even send unwearable bras through their recycling programs, which keep about 45 million pounds of household goods out of landfills each year.
  • However, in 2014 alone, 22 million pounds of Goodwill clothes ended up unsold and in landfills after all.
  • You might want to research a textile-recycling center in your neighborhood.
  • Since most donation centers don’t actually accept worn bras — and often throw them in the trash — Harper Wilde’s Recycle, Bra program takes old bras of any size or color, and breaks them down.
  • Having proper undergarments helps with confidence and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

We also specialize in hard to find large size bras for those in need. Be a Dear and Donate a Brassiere is a Bay Area-based charity that was started in 2014 as part of an SJ Women’s Club organization. The group provides bras and underwear to women in need, accepting all sizes, styles, and colors.

Please read our Donation Guidelines for instructions. As we need to keep track of incoming inventory, please let us know about your donation by using the OFFLINE option in our donation form. We need your email address in order to send you a tax receipt upon processing your donation. You will find more information about this on our DONATION GUIDELINES. You will receive an email message with the link to download our form. The organisation accepts bras through the postal system, meaning it is easy to donate from the UK.


You might want to consider burning them in a fire pit or throwing them in the garbage after spraying them down with some bug spray. As long as your used underwear is in good condition , the donation is a great way to rid yourself of all those unused pairs. We gathered the top reviews and tested the top bras to ensure you live every day with comfort. Search our different categories and find what you’ve been missing in your life. To become a bra drop-off location, check out this page or email us at When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Donating old bras to Oxfam helps support the organisation’s international poverty alleviation work. Bras must be in good condition so they can be resold through Oxfam’s second-hand stores. Oxfam tackles issues from beating hunger, to emergency relief, to gender equality, meaning your donation can support the organisation’s work to make a fairer and safer world. So, what to do with those bras that just don’t fit, that we’re an impulse purchase, or that we have worn out? Well, these are some of the best ways out there to stop your lingerie from becoming yet more clothing waste. Many bra donation programs work by donating items to disadvantaged communities.

What to Do with Old Underwear? (Can You Donate Underwear?)

Bras, while supportive, aren’t the most environmentally textiles out there, they’re like the plastic straw equivalent of your sock drawer. However, if you find yourself drowning in unused or even used straps and cups, so to speak, there’s a few good samaritan deeds you can knock out while Maria Kondo-ing your bra collateral. How to solve the great question of what bra size to buy? Our OFFLINE option in our donation form will give you all the information for mailing a check.