Can You Donate Prescription Glasses

Can You Donate Prescription Glasses make you feel

Donate glasses easily at a local store near you

Once you arrange the date and time, pack up your donation. It is best to place it in a bag or box and mark it with the letters “NVF” so we can identify it. Simply leave the package outside, and we’ll come and leave your tax receipt on the door.

2 Run warm water over the glasses to get rid of dusty particles and other things that might scratch and damage the lenses. If you don’t have a cleaning solution specific for eyewear, you can also use dish soap. Gently rub the solution or dish soap over the lenses. Run warm water over the glasses to get rid of dusty particles and other things that might scratch and damage the lenses.

You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy. It also encourages people to donate financially or hold a glasses drive or fundraiser. Some organizations only donate domestically, and others donate worldwide. Donating glasses may help people regain their independence and improve the quality of their lives. This article looks at why a person should donate their old, undamaged glasses and how and where to do this in the United States. You can contact them or check their website to see which location is nearest to you.

Where to get free prescription glasses?

If you’ve recently donated clothing or electronics, you are probably familiar with Goodwill – one of the most prominent charitable organizations in the U.S. Donating your glasses can benefit the charities or people you give your eyeglasses to and will be a rewarding experience. Knowing you are helping others will make you feel happy and more fulfilled. One study suggests that donating and giving triggers activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure.

Yes, Goodwill accepts eyewear donations and matches them with low-income members of the community who needs them. They also partner with other charitable organizations to distribute the donated eyeglasses. LCI is a worldwide community of volunteers engaged in various charitable activities. They also have eyeglass recycling centers in various locations around the world. Their volunteers collect old but still usable donated glasses and ship them to the nearest eyeglass recycling centers. There they are cleaned and carefully packaged before being sent to eyeglass-dispensing missions.