Can You Donate Plasma On Methadone

Can You Donate Plasma On Methadone typical plasma donation of

Does donating plasma while on Methadone affect the drugs levels or effects? : Methadone

I’ve never had any issues with donating affecting my dose.

Does donating plasma while on Methadone affect the drugs levels or effects?

It gets me free rent, but add having to go to the clinic every day and not having a car and you get basically not enough time to get a job during the day. Only bill I have to pay is my phone bill though, and that’s only $56 so as long as I can donate a few times a month I should be fine. This a community for any and all questions about methadone and methadone treatment. Our primary purpose is to provide factual, thorough harm-reduction information regarding methadone and methadone treatment. All users of methadone are welcome to post here. Brother, thank you so much for saying that you would report back and then you actually did.

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This is a serious question and it needed to be answered. I’ve been on 100mg for 4-5 months (after i have my next hip replacement I’m going to go ahead and taper down, then switch back to subs. Fuck staying in this shit forever, lol) and i actually get a whole week of take homes at a time. I’m going to take half before donation and then take the other half afterwards. I donate plasma all the time, and I just got off MMT.

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I never told them I was on it though, as I did not mention I used to be an IV user. And I don’t think they either do something to the plasma or it just doesn’t matter because multiple nurses told me it wouldn’t affect whoever was receiving it. They had a list of certain meds but no sub or methadone. Do they know your on methadone you might being giving some people quite the unintended lift to their day.

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I’ve been donating, and whenever I donate, I try to do it before I dose, or directly after before it kicks in. I mean, yes, if you admit to having ever IV’d drugs, they will deny you, but I’m asking whether they will deny you for being on methadone, or if it will mess with the balance of methadone in my system. Shit I can barely even give blood to get it tested every year at the clinic my veins are so fucked. It takes literally dozens of sticks to get enough, it’s a nightmare forget about getting an actual IV in. I would think there’s probably lots of people here who never IVed anything. These days there are a lot more methadone patients who were strictly abusing pills orally/nasally/etc, or using dope but just not using the IV route.

Can you use opioid and donate plasma?

I managed to bullshit an excuse like oh shit I’m gonna be late for work and leave before I got to the point in the process she was at, so it didn’t happen to me as well. Plasma donation would not significantly lower drug levels. For starters a typical plasma donation of 800ml is only about 10% of your circulating plasma stores. Methadone pretty quickly diffuses and maintains a huge reserve in tissues and areas outside your plasma.

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In short, I wouldn’t think donating plasma would significantly impact the psychoactive effect of Methadone. This is what I was looking for lol I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t get blacklisted and/or it wouldn’t make me sick or something. I’m living/working at a halfway house/shelter type place, so I have to be around for breakfast and dinner.

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I’ve been scouring the internet and I can’t find any information. Will they let me donate, and if they do, will it affect the amount of methadone in my system, causing withdrawal or discomfort of any kind? Last time I tried to go I was in line behind my then gf and she got denied and blacklisted because she had tracks.