Can You Donate Organs If You Get Electrocuted

Primum Non Nocere: Organ Donation After Electrocution and Transplantation of Electricity-Damaged Livers: Report of 2 Cases

Education of all staff in the management of such donors can optimize utility of such allografts. Liver damage during organ donor procurement in donation after circulatory death compared with donation after brain death. Liver grafts procured by other transplant teams do not affect posttransplantation outcomes.

This study describes 2 cases of heart-beating organ donors with electrical injury to the liver. In 1 case, the electric shock was the cause of death; in the second case, the injury was caused by defibrillation at organ procurement. Both allografts had sustained sizeable electrical injury, and both resulted in excellent early posttransplant outcomes.

Transplantation Proceedings

Liver transplantation remains the treatment of choice for patients with end-stage liver disease. However, allograft availability continues to be a problem, and extending the criteria for organ acceptance is key. Deceased donors after electrical accidents, as well as electricity-traumatized allografts, are not common but should be considered suitable.