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You may also notice the bra band is stretched out, not fitting as snugly as it once did. A bra must retain its original fit to support, lift and/or boost your breasts.Otherwise, it’s not it’s true, original size and won’t fit you or another woman well. The globalbra market is worth over 16 billion dollars annually. When you throw out a bra, that’s like throwing money away. The Bra Recycling Agency-or, clever, the BRA-collects bras that are unsuitable for wear and processes them to be recycled. Bras, as it turns out, make great carpet cushion, particularly the red carpeting that you see at big events.

How long should you wear a bra in a day?

Help us cover the rising cost of shipping with your donation today. Its programs make it clear that even with a simple donation, you can help free the girls. When they are in “bad and tearing apart” condition. And if we’re talking about thrift stores, bras have to be very well preserved .

That includes turning them into building insulation, couch stuffing, carpet padding, and more. As of today, 30,000 bras have been kept out of landfills. Drop Off Location DOES NOT Send Bras to The Bra Recyclers. If this is the case, then they will be donating the bras to a local charity. You can inquire if they have a tax-deduction form for that charity if you need one.

Even if in good condition, no woman feels confident wearing a stained bra. (And, that’s probably the reason you want to toss the bra.) If a bra’s stains don’t come out when you wash it, you shouldn’t donate it. Whether you should toss or donate a bra depends on the condition of the bra. If you consider the bra to be worn out and don’t want to wear it, another woman won’t want to wear it either.

Arrange and fold them the same way you would a new bra, to preserve their shape and quality. The last pile can be bras that are already on their last legs, with stretched elastic, ripped cloth, or broken straps and bands. In summary, old underwear is not ideal for donating or even reusing, but there are a lot of options for disposing of old underwear. Manufacturers and recyclers have begun to step in to do the work for you, or you can dispose of your old underwear simply by throwing them out. Tossing your old underwear out is the best option. A trash bag or garbage container isn’t a good idea as it won’t protect against odors or pests.


Be sure to embellish the purse so no one thinks it is your old bra. Second thought, some bras are amazingly beautiful. I just trash mine because I wear them until there’s nothing left of them.

(Note, by this we don’t mean that bras can replace medical masks. This project can be useful if for some reason there is a shortage of masks or you need an extra layer on top of another mask). She’s a fashionista who’s written for Glamour, GQ and others. She enjoys breaking the stigma and taboo around underwear and writing about all things fashion. You’ll just need to cut the elastic off, and then cut them into smaller pieces so they can break down easier. If you’re an artist consider entering your bra in to the Bras for the Cause contest.

Maybe your bra size changed and they just don’t fit right, or maybe your style changed and you’re long overdue for a few new bras. The brand Harper Wilde has a “Recycle, Bra” program that accepts both its own bras, as well as bras from other brands, to be recycled. To send in your bras, follow the instructions here. After they’re received, the pieces are separated and the brand works with several partners to give them a new life.

Our hope with your help, is that they are reminded that they too deserve the same respect and comfort we give to ourselves. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration to help us care for the thousands of women we serve at Maryhouse. But if you have a bra that’s clean and gently worn, or new, you have a number of options for donating bras. Since most donation centers don’t actually accept worn bras — and often throw them in the trash — Harper Wilde’s Recycle, Bra program takes old bras of any size or color, and breaks them down. The materials are then upcycled, or they’re made into brand new fibers, to be used for clothes, rugs, cleaning textiles, or even building insulation. And, when you need a new one, they offer pieces that are entirely made of upcycled plastic bottles.

Many of the women seeking support and refuge at Maryhouse come from a place of distress; often dealing with issues such as domestic violence, mental illness, evictions, and substance abuse. While underwear is often more readily available, most of the women experiencing homelessness may only have one bra that they continue to wear for well over a year. Most of our bras are donations and women often have to select what is available and they are often ill fitting. A good bra fit can make a woman feel special and lovely. For these women, carrying such tremendous hardships, one good, clean, well fitted bra, can make them feel how we see them – as beautiful, resilient women.

Our bra recycling scheme takes your unwanted or unloved bras and through our network of bra banks raises vital funds for pioneering breast cancer research. Before deciding where to donate bras, first consider whether they’re in good enough condition for others to wear them. If the bra has a broken strap, is ripped, has underwire poking out, or is in generally bad shape, opt for textile recycling instead in order to keep it out of the trash. Even if they’re practically falling apart, you don’t need to add those items to the landfills. A deconstructed bra is still made of foam, lace, cloth, padding, and so forth. You might want to research a textile-recycling center in your neighborhood.

What is Harper Wilde‘s bra program?

I Support the Girls is a global charity that accepts donations of new and used bras and individually wrapped menstrual products and distributes them to unhomed women and girls worldwide. Imagine living in such extreme poverty that you have to accept food and clothing donations. To add insult to injury, when you mention that you’re in need of undergarments, you’re given some stranger’s old, used underwear. You don’t want them, but you have no choice but to accept them because you don’t have anything else.

Having proper undergarments helps with confidence and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity. If your old bra is too worn to donate, the charity will organise for the bra to be recycled. They can then use the material and metal to raise money. The money is put towards buying people they help new knickers, as well as provide them with bras. While used undergarments aren’t typical donation fodder, bras are a slightly different story.

If you’ve ever felt unsure about your bra size or you just don’t know where to go to find good bras, it’s time to let abra fitter help. This international non profit believes in creating economic opportunities for those who have been victims of sex trafficking. They can work and still go to school and spend time with their families, creating their own, hopeful futures. Donate your old bras here, or drop-off your bras here. Although Goodwill and other thrift stores of the like won’t accept your old pairs of panties, there are many organizations and companies that allow you to donate underwear. Do your trash can a favor, and leave your panties out of it.

Free The Girls is a charity organization that takes clean, gently used bra donations. Find a drop-off location near you, or if you have over five bras, ship them to 1552 Pioneer Trail, Chesterton, IN 46304. I know I hate to just throw them in the trash knowing that someone, somewhere could use them. A lot of donation places just throw them away….we find a loving home for them.

That doesn’t mean you should never donate anything to major thrift stores though, of course. Goodwill does send a lot of its unsold clothes to textile recyclers to keep them out of landfills. However, in 2014 alone, 22 million pounds of Goodwill clothes ended up unsold and in landfills after all. Also, some large thrift stores don’t accept bras at all.

As long as it’s freshly washed, they will accept it. Diabetes Canada also has a donation program for all types of clothing and textiles and using their search engine you can find donation bins near your area. There you can drop off any undergarments you no longer wish to have. Before you resort to such drastic measures there are a few, bra recycling, eco-friendly options out there that may just be the second life your bra deserves. After all the time it has spent supporting you, now is the time to pay it forward by donating your old bras to charity or a women’s shelter. Yes, there are several organizations that will take your tata holders and do something wonderful with them.

Cleaning Out Your Closet? Here’s What to Do With Old Bras

Those bras can do more good when you donate them to the right place. Before you head to your nearest major thrift store, check out these bra donation ideas. We’ve been taught since we were little that no matter what the situation is, underwear should never, NEVER be lent out. This fact also makes it a bit tricky to get rid of old panties or briefs, as there are few charity centers that accept old underwear, especially if it’s well-worn.

Keep an eye out for Soma boutiques in your area. The lingerie brand partners with I Support the Girls for bra drives that distribute bras to shelters in the National Network to End Domestic Violence. If your bra doesn’t fit quite right, consider passing it on to someone else in need. The Bra Recyclers distributes bras to women in need, and also funnel unwearable bras into proper textile recycling facilities.

Goodwill will take your old underwear as a donation, but this is only if they are not stained or damaged beyond repair. You can also donate old underwear to homeless shelters or the Salvation Army. Those which are in a useable condition go directly to women in developing countries across the world. Those bras which can’t be used are broken down into parts which are also recycled. Founded in 2010, the charity a uses old, donated bras to help those living in orphanages, slums and IDP camps. They also carry out educational projects to help children in schools.

New bras are expensive, so you might as well let someone get use out of them if you’re not going to wear them anymore. I also have more sports bras than I know how to count that don’t fit me correctly. I also think some people have posted on here before that these are needed items for women’s shelters.

Support The Girls is one of the few home-ground charities you can donate bras to in Australia. This looks like “Bra Gifting Days”—an entire day dedicated to providing women with bras, underwear toiletries and menstrual hygiene products to women who come from a range of backgrounds. We support non-profit organizations by providing them with bras and other lingerie. Just so you know, though, most organizations won’t take dirty underwear or items with holes in them.

From the ashes of despair came the idea for Donate Your Bra for a Cause, a 501 nonprofit charity that seeks to reshape breast cancer survivors’ lives one bra at a time. As mentioned above, yes you can, but it’s a bit complicated. If you have underwear that you have used but is not in such bad shape, you can donate it to Planet Aid.

It won’t be able to fully support a bustline without all parts of the bra intact. Bras, while supportive, aren’t the most environmentally textiles out there, they’re like the plastic straw equivalent of your sock drawer. However, if you find yourself drowning in unused or even used straps and cups, so to speak, there’s a few good samaritan deeds you can knock out while Maria Kondo-ing your bra collateral. Together, we can restore dignity to families in need with underwear while creating job opportunities for those with disabilities.

While some clothes are resold, others are either recycled for insulation material, or upcycled for rags. The organization has saved over 12 trillion of pounds of CO2, and clothed over 16 billion people since the company launched years ago. Those who participate receive $10 reward toward your next purchase of $100 or more at The North Face. A stretched bra can’t do its job well.You may notice that the bra cups have become flimsy or lost their shape.

Bra-specific charities are the best option for donating your old bras because they efficiently distribute the pieces to women in need. Besides that many come hand-in-hand with projects that help women who are victims of sexual violence and trafficking. It’s just an old bra, it’s not that much waste…”. While you’re right it’s just an old bra and all things considered, it isn’t a large amount of fabric but when you have everyone throwing away their old bras it’s more than you’d think. I know it can be tempting to just take the bra you no longer want, walk to the trash bin, and leave it there without a second thought!

When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission. I’m so happy you’re interested in eco-friendly living. I am a true believer that sustainable living start at home, it’s been a major part of my life for more than 20 years. My goal is to empower and inspire you to make eco-conscious choices for a healthy life and a healthy planet. But, there are many other projects you can make with your bras like using the padding as stuffing for pillows and stuffed animals. You can use bra straps to make adjustable bracelets and headbands.

We have just recently started accepting swimming suits because there are some poor countries a suit is the basic item to wear. Please note that we can only acknowledge receipt if you enclose an email address with your kind donation. Creating pet balls with your own clothing is a bad idea. You may be going to give them the bad habit to bite your clothing thinking it is similar to their pet ball. Remove all usable parts to fix another newer bra i.e hook and eyes and straps. The remaining foam sponge use for dusting and then dispose.

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It was heart warming and it made us want to continue. This is when we called in the big guns, our very own Bra Bra Sisterhood. In about an hour we had a flood of ideas on what to name our initiative, but one really stuck out, Worthy Warriors.