Can You Donate A Used Mattress

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Thus, you may have to resign yourself to recycling or simply disposing of your mattress. Renting a dumpster is one of the economical and easy options, and it also allows you to dispose of other clutter. Unfortunately, beds are not permitted in dumpsters in some areas, so make sure to check this depending on your location.

This article will be helpful for those who want to donate their used mattress. There are lots of people sleeping on the floor which is not good for their health. We know it is too much confusing for you to select the suitable places for donating your mattress. In this article, we will share details with you about some charity organizations and online platforms where you can donate your used mattresses. Those participating in Goodwill are also given vouchers where they can shop at any Goodwill store spread across the US and Canada. If you have a local Goodwill store near you, you can contact them and check if they accept used mattresses for donations.

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Reselling a used mattress may entail additional cleaning and relabeling which some nonprofit organizations are unable to afford. In any case, Craigslist offers a “free” section where you can list your mattress to donate it to the right home. Always be careful when selling directly to purchasers, however. Make sure to have a safe and secure location to drop-off or donate the item. Some of the most in-demand items for homeless shelters are products we might not readily think of donating, including business clothes, toiletry items, and even mattresses.

  • LUCID 5 inch memory foam mattress, purchased 3 years ago and used less than 1 year.
  • If you recently bought it, you should check the warranty terms and conditions and see if the damage is covered by the warranty and if you can get a replacement.
  • When you buy a new mattress and are having it delivered, ask your retailer about taking your old one back.
  • If the infection is wiped out, you can consider donating it.

Please ensure that your bed and mattress are in good condition. Please do not donate broken, stained, or unsanitary beds and mattresses. They work through referrals from schools, churches, and agencies to deliver pieces of furniture to people who desperately need them.

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Many Habitat ReStore locations offer free pickup services, or you can drop off your mattress. Always call and confirm donation hours, which can differ from ReStore hours. You can donate a mattress, so long as it’s in good condition. So make sure your bed is free ofbed bugs, stains, odors, and significant rips and tears because most charitable organizations won’t accept a damaged mattress. is now a popular online network to donate your used mattresses. In this platform, you can directly communicate with him/ her who wants your used mattress.

Most do offer mattress removal services too, though they may require a minimum donation when you schedule a time to pick up the furniture. If you wish to do a drop-off instead, take the furniture to the location listed on the website. The Salvation Army does not accept mattress donations or box springs. They do not have enough available space to store a collection of mattresses. However, this organization accepts a donation of furniture that includes your used bed frame and other large household furniture.