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The wife isn’t supposed to go to no one other than her husband for such purposes. We might be to the end of the steps, but the process is really just getting started. As helpful as hair donations are, monetary donations are crucial, too. “While the hair costs us nothing, we still have the same operating expenses as any for-profit business does,” Chimera explains. To ensure that your hair donation becomes a wig that someone can actually wear and doesn’t sit in inventory, send a monetary donation as well or start a crowdfunding campaign to cover the manufacturing costs. Once you decide on the donation organization that you’d like to work with, the easiest way to donate hair is to make an appointment at a salon that partners with them.

  • Place the cut hair in a ziplock bag and courier to the address below.
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  • You can have any size of hair but equally cut from all sides.
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Even if you currently have a hot pink pixie cut or can’t grow your hair long enough to donate it, you can still contribute in a hugely impactful way. Without money, the wigs can’t get made, so monetary donations are just as important as donating hair for providing wigs to those in need. Suzanne Chimera is the cofounder of Hair We Share, a nonprofit organization that creates and donates custom-fitted wigs to adults and children with medical hair loss. All hair donations to this charity go to children who are suffering from hair loss for a wide range of medical conditions.

Donating hair to make wigs for girls who have hair loss due to cancer Fatwa No: 129818

They do not accept chemically treated or bleached hair, and the hair must be sealed in a plastic bag in order to be accepted. All donations to Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids must be at least 10 inches in length and no more than 10% grey. The organization doesn’t accept colored or chemically treated hair, though they do provide free haircuts directly at the facility. In addition to wigs, they also provide other services for children in the state of Michigan, such as educational and wellness programs.

Donated hair is sent to Hair Bank, Thrissur for making wigs which are given to underprivileged women cancer patients. This is an initiative to make wigs for cancer patients in Lucknow. Donors must have at least 10 inch long hair and they can walk into any Green Trends Salon and donate hair for free. They are one of India’s leading unisex salon chains with 375+ salons in 50+ cities . They conduct hair donation camps across India, where anyone with a minimum length of 10 inch can donate hair.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may his soul rest in peace) was asked:

Place them neatly in a sealed plastic bag along with your name and whatever additional information they require, then package them in a padded mailing envelope. Complete any required online donation forms, and mail out your hair. When you think of chopping off hair, you typically picture one large ponytail, but it’s actually preferred to divide it out into a few ponies instead. Some organizations even ask you to section the hair by layers if the length varies, so again, just double-check before you start cutting.

Angel Hair for Kids (Canada)

If you’re asking yourself, “How long does my hair have to be to donate? ” you’ve come to the right place for the answer. Where the hair grows back after the surgery and gets longer by itself, it has nothing to do with hair extensions attachment, but rather it’s considered a treatment, which is permitted and permissible.