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Facebook Fundraising: A Complete Guide for Nonprofits

Although these numbers tell an exciting story, nonprofit organizations have had a love/hate relationship with Facebook fundraising. On one hand, Facebook fundraisers are easy for you and your supporters to launch and largely fee-free. Campaigns can reach a wider audience and get a donation boost thanks to social proof. Facebook birthday fundraisers have also been a huge hit with users. You can also allow others to set up a fundraiser for your nonprofit. You may have seen these in the form of someone asking for donations to a specific organization for their birthday.

Facebook Fundraising for Nonprofits

Apparently, the list is tailored mainly on your location, friends, and friends’ likes. Since last year, I stopped waiting spasmodically for my birthday. An additional year of life doesn’t mean anymore the acquisition of a new right , but just being a little closer to the natural conclusion of my life cycle. You should of course also follow up with donors outside of Facebook as well. When someone donates, you can like or comment on that individual donation if you think that’s appropriate.

Try To Promote Your Fundraiser Using Your Other Channels

Either way, be sure to include the setup link that you’ll find on your organization’s Fundraisers page. Video series will keep people checking in, but also allow them to share your posts to more potential donors. Creating promotional content is just as important as thanking donors after the fundraiser ends. Remember to start early, as there is endless content circulating Facebook so you want to grab people’s attention early enough to actually support the event you’re promoting. To give you a sense of scale, Giving Tuesday fundraisers in 2019 raised over $2 billion in donations and drove a further 20 billion social media impressions. This major jump in Facebook donations every year is the perfect opportunity to test different campaign approaches and see what resonates most with donors.

Take advantage of the matching donation feature

The donations we receive flow through our academy, right back into the community by creating a well informed and balanced student citizen. When people can see directly how their actions make a difference, they’re much more compelled to act. If you can, ask people to help you raise the necessary funds for a new project.

To share a post or donation, click the pink Share icon in the bottom right corner followed by the Facebook icon. One of the benefits of this is that it allows people to donate directly to their chosen charity without having to go to a third-party website. Check out our roundup of the best Giving Tuesday strategies and year-end fundraising campaign ideas and examples for your next Facebook campaign. For more information on running these campaigns with your entire organization on #GivingTuesday or other key dates, contact us at Click theDownload Donation Reports button to download your donor data.

If Sally shares Bob’s Fundraiser with her friends, they won’t feel invested because they don’t know Bob. It is more important to them to help a friend than to actually help the charity. Fundraising on Facebook is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fundraising on social media, but it’s the best place to start! Facebook fundraising is a must-have for nonprofits hoping to raise more money through social media. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook in the past few years, you have probably seen at least one friend promote a Facebook birthday fundraiser.

You can easily track your campaign’s progress 📈

You can find more information about call-to-action buttons, including how to select a different call-to-action button for your Page, in the Help Center. We wanted to let you know that the call-to-action button for your Facebook Page will be changed from "Donate" to "Learn More" soon. The updated "Learn More" call-to-action button for your Page will link to the same destination as your current "Donate" call-to-action button. We are removing the ability for Pages to use "Donate" call-to-action buttons that link to external websites.

There are steps you can take to work with the algorithm to find success with fundraising on Facebook. Individual Facebook users can also use Facebook fundraising tools to raise money for their favourite nonprofits on Facebook. Here’s a sample Facebook fundraising donate button on the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Facebook page. If you visit their page and click the button you can see the Facebook fundraising check-out process which is fast and easy for donors to navigate. All Facebook fundraisers are public so you should receive the campaign owner name for every fundraiser. However, sometimes this doesn’t come through on the reports.

Facebook Fundraising Campaigns

With this, we collect information about the supporter for the nonprofit and share tips and encouragement along the way. When you share your Cancer Research UK Giving Page on Facebook you may be prompted to ‘add a donate button’ to your post. If you click yes to this, then Facebook creates a separate, distinct fundraising page for you. The Facebook fundraising pages and Cancer Research UK Giving Pages are entirely separate and in no way integrated. So, although the money will still come to Cancer Research UK, any money donated via the Facebook Fundraiser will not show up in your personalised fundraising dashboard with Cancer Research UK. The reality is that most of your supporters will be nervous and inexperienced fundraisers.

How do I add a donate button to my live video?

Fortunately, social media platforms — like Facebook — make it incredibly easy to rally friends and family members to give. Forty-five million people wish people "Happy Birthday" on Facebook every single day, which provides a perfect opportunity to raise money for a cause you care about. Make sure that you thank your fundraisers before you thank the people who gave through their campaigns. Contacting your Facebook fundraisers and their donors tells everyone you care about their peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. Communicate with users throughout the fundraising process. For example, at GoodUnited, we communicate with fundraisers via Facebook Messenger for the duration of the campaign.

On WordPress, you own everything from the design to your donor’s contact information. That’s almost never the case with third-party fundraising platforms like Facebook. Start by asking current supporters to recruit people in their inner circle.

You can also try targeted Facebook advertising to build up your supporter base, or reach out to social media influencers in your sector. Don’t forget member appreciation posts and other donor stewardship techniques. On the other hand, nonprofits lose out on key donor information, like email addresses, when people give on Facebook.

A key to finding success with fundraising on Facebook is to understand Facebook’s algorithm. There is no magic secret to cheating the Facebook algorithm, the best way to find success with Facebook fundraising is to follow a few simple guidelines. You will also need to sign up for Facebook Giving Tools to accept donations on Facebook and fundraise on Facebook. You will need to log into Facebook to complete this step. In Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Facebook donations are processed through the PayPal Giving Fund. In other countries, Facebook donations are supported by Facebook payments.

Getting approved to accept donations and for Facebook Fundraising Tools is not the same as launching a successful fundraiser on Faceboook. BetterWorld enables nonprofits and individuals to run modern, cutting-edge online donation campaigns, auctions, giveaways, live events, and more. Facebook doesn’t like people leaving its site, so its algorithm deprioritizes posts that include a link in the status. To get around this, use plain text in your status update and add the link as the first comment. Use this technique only for updates you don’t pay to promote.

Donors can also make their payments recurring, allowing for more consistent fundraising efforts. Be sure to keep your page updated so these recurring donors see where their money is going. On your special day this year, combine Facebook and Givebutter to create an effective birthday fundraiser. It’s your best chance to launch a campaign where your chosen cause keeps 100% of the funds raised. However, through Givebutter, there are numerous payment processing options.

You can check them out for ideas on how to optimize your fundraisers. This should be one of the main reasons you consider fundraising with Facebook. Even on your nonprofit’s own website, you are usually charged a fee. We have successfully processed your donation to Ulmus Academy.

These crowdfunding platforms make money from promoting fundraisers. Facebook actually spends money to help nonprofits process donations. Granted, you still might be able to raise more funds on other platforms with fees. But Facebook does have a massive audience for your appeal like crowd-funding platforms. Individuals can now use the Donate button, but there are other ways to draw attention. You can set up your own fundraisers on your page based on a specific goal.

Your nonprofit might actually automatically be eligible for these, but it’s worth going through the process of signing up anyway. Make the outreach feel personal—because their fundraiser is. You are asking people to go above and beyond asking their friends and family for money on your behalf. Maybe you should go above and beyond to reach out to them.

Through establishing relationships and taking the time to listen to these communities, this will better ensure research undertaken is safe, ethical and useful for them too. Researchers in First Nations communities need to make connections through sharing dialogues and lived experiences, mutual investment and building trust and credibility. This can be done by taking trips out to the bush and demonstrating commitment to the communities they wish to learn about. It is usually undertaken by Aboriginal people coming together informally to unwind or in more formal ways such as discussing community or cultural matters. Storytelling is an important part of yarning that allows for reflection on recent or past histories and lived experiences and sharing knowledge.

This is a reminder that your nonprofit does not have to launch every fundraiser from its own Facebook page. Ulmus Academy will automatically receive your gift every year. Ulmus Academy will automatically receive your gift every month. We also wanted to take a look at what to expect from a typical fundraiser. On Facebook, you can target people who have ‘liked’ your page, or focus on audience characteristics, such as gender, age, and interests. With over a billion active users, Facebook includes interest groups, organizations, businesses, and more.

With this worldwide user base that spans generations, nonprofits can’t afford to let the opportunity of accepting donations on Facebook slip past. Here is a quick guide to the transaction reports, plus a handy glossary of terms. On social media, it’s all always about you and your damn story. But altruism shouldn’t be a prosecution of the ego by other means.

When supporters fundraise on your behalf, the donate button appears on their page too. Givers also have the option of linking their credit card or payment information to their Facebook account, so they can donate securely with a few clicks. Over the years, Facebook has unveiled a variety of free fundraising tools, both for charitable organizations and individuals raising funds for a personal cause. 6) Then, name your Fundraiser and explain why you are raising money.

Then, once you’ve built a sizable following, encourage followers to invite their own Facebook friends to like and follow your page. To start off, you’ll need at least one post on your page so people can get an overview of your cause and understand why it means so much to you. Twitch Take livestream fundraising to the next level and tap into bold new revenue streams. Salesforce A match made in nonprofit heaven—powerful donation forms paired with robust CRM software. Posts made to your Facebook profile are all well and good, but a single caption on your newsfeed leaves much to be desired.

Nonprofit Tech for Good offers two low-cost certificate programs for nonprofit professionals worldwide. The curriculum covers digital marketing, social media marketing, and online fundraising. Automatically sync available Facebook donation and donor data directly with Funraise, saving you manual effort and time.

Gain visibility into the performance of overall Facebook fundraising as well as individual campaigns. Maybe you already have an Instagram with a high following. However, posting unique content on each platform is important. Although there will always be some overlap in information, you want to make sure people have a reason to follow both pages.

The funds are deposited directly into your nonprofit’s merchant account. The donations are routed to your nonprofit on a biweekly basis. Unfortunately, if you didn’t opt into Gift Aid at the time of your donation, then we’re unable to claim Gift Aid in this instance. If you make any further donations to Cancer Research UK, you can opt into Gift Aid at the time of your donation if eligible. To add a separate donation, you’ll first need to log in to your account here. To share the whole page, click the blue Share page button, followed by the Facebook icon.

The good news is that you do own your Facebook donor data and you should definitely use it. Understanding this fundraising channel is essential to raise donations successfully and steward participants for engagement past the end of the campaign. With a foundational understanding of how users start fundraisers, how your nonprofit gets paid, and how you can engage with these campaigns to raise more, you’re off to a great start. You’re a professional fundraiser, but your supporters may not be! Use your expertise to share a few tips that they can use to raise more funds.