Can Smokers Donate Plasma

Can you donate plasma if you smoke weed?

Blood plasma donations are used in cancer treatments as well as life-saving plasma transfusions for people with blood clotting issues. Since there is so much at risk, tight restrictions and procedures regarding plasma donation requirements are in place and some persons may be ineligible. During a plasma donation, the liquid portion of the donor’s blood is separated from the cells.

  • Anyone with hypotension or low blood pressure will not be certified to give blood or plasma.
  • You can donate as long as you are otherwise healthy and meet all the other eligibility requirements.
  • Donating plasma is a great way to make some extra money.
  • However, both tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) contain harmful chemicals that may affect a person’s blood.

However, the clinic is likely to turn you away if you show up to your appointment visibly high. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute , nearly 5 million Americans receive blood transfusions each year. According to Healine.comTHC, which stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the active ingredient in marijuana.

Whiles, it’s kind of anyone to donate plasma or blood in aid of blood transfusion, it’s important that all health measures are taking into consideration. Most plasma donation centers allow donors to give twice per week. It can help people who need it, and it can also be a way to earn extra money. Plasma donation centers typically pay around $30-40 per donation. The body replenishes lost blood which improves cardiovascular health, reduces your risk of obesity and cancer. Before we get into who is able to donate, let’s talk about what plasma is and why it’s important to have donors.

According toWikipedia, blood plasma is a component of blood that is yellowish in color. It is the liquid part of the blood that sends all the cells and proteins to different parts of the body. While plasma is different than blood, you can still donate it and maybe even get some cash for your good deed. This sounds great but you might want to keep reading before heading down to your local blood drive if you’ve been smoking some bud. Let’s talk about whether you can donate blood plasma if you smoke weed.

After Your Plasma Donation:

To donate plasma, you will have to go through a screening process. There’s a machine for the separation of plasma and often the platelets from your blood sample. If you qualify for the plasma donation, you will spend about an hour and a half at a clinic. The type AB plasma can be given to people of all blood types.

The Red Cross says the same stipulations go for both blood and plasma. For the full list of guidance, check out the Red Cross eligibility requirements. According to AABB, there have been reports of synthetic marijuana users ingesting brodifacoum. The users who ingested this chemical had severe cases of bleeding. Locating a donation center can be daunting, especially if you have no idea how to go about it.


We will cover the basics of donating plasma and the benefits of donating plasma. While the process is similar to donating blood, it is definitely more complicated and time-consuming. And afterward may increase your risk of fainting or becoming dizzy. Donating blood is a generous gesture that honors those who donate blood. Therefore, you also have to be in good condition to donate to help people in need. Some doctors indicate to stop consuming Marijuana 72 hours before the donation and allowing adequate time not to show the effects of Marijuana.

The accuracy of our articles is crucially important to us and they are written with the idea of inclusiveness for readers of all walks of life. Edibles take much longer to exit your system and therefore THC will remain in your plasma for longer. Platelets every 7 days with a maximum of 24 times a year. Every two seconds, a resident of the United States needs blood. An estimated 4.5 million Americans require a blood transfusion every year. But I think it’s important to note that you should not roll a joint in the parking lot.

However, whether you have Marijuana in your blood or not, you can donate as long as you are not visibly high. On the other hand, plasma can be donated once every four weeks—at most thirteen times in a year. If left at room temperature, the cells begin to clot and become unfit for use. Drug Enforcement Administration , marijuana is not targeted for drug testing before plasma donation. You have to avoid taking coffee, tea, red wine, chocolate, milk, or high-fiber foods if you want to boost your iron levels.

What You should not eat before a Plasma donation

Another common synthetic marijuana product is an FDA-approved medication called Marinol. If you are taking Marinol for a medical condition, such as nausea from chemotherapy or loss of appetite from HIV infection, you are not eligible to donate plasma. If you are high or intoxicated while donating, you could have low blood pressure or hypotension. These sort of conditions will prevent you from being eligible to donate plasma.

However, this doesn’t mean you can show up at the hospital when high. According to the American Red Cross, there is a consistent need for nearly 10,000 units of plasma in the United States every day. To separate plasma from whole blood, the drawn blood is passed through a hi-tech device. Only the liquid protein of the donor’s blood is separated from the whole blood. The remaining components, including the platelets and red blood cells, are passed back into the donor’s body.