Can Pillows Be Donated

3 Organizations That Need Port Pillow Donations

Dumping them into a compost bin can be a great option. However, if you decide to go down that route, make sure to remove all pillow encasements and covers. Additionally, the majority of animal shelters have an everlasting need for old pillows. These pillows can be used to create bedding for homeless animals to enjoy some comfort in their crates.

However, finding a responsible way to dispose of them can be a challenge particularly for those living in major cities. If you have additional stuff such as comforters and bedding, be sure to ask the organization in question whether they’re willing to accept them. This can be a smart way to not only do some good for animals in need but free up space in your home as well.

Have you read the article we wrote on how to successfully donate old mattresses and pillows? Click here to see the top charities that accept these donations as well as those that do not. Make use of your pad to fill the spaces, especially when you are moving out, and you are packing your things.

Once your unwanted sheets, towels, placemats and other linens are bagged or boxed up, we’ll remove them from anywhere in your home. Since we don’t need an on-site estimate to provide you with guaranteed upfront pricing, you’ll save both time and money with us. When you’re wondering where to donate bedding, but don’t have the time to haul everything yourself or to find a donation center, send us a text!

Recycle the stuffing for stuffed toys

You can donate clean and good-quality pillows to animal shelters and charity stores. If your old pillows have seen better days, they can be repurposed at a textile recycling facility. You can also get creative and repurpose old pillows! They are perfect for simple DIY crafts like making floor cushions, pet beds, and draft stoppers. It’s true that animal shelters can sometimes really use some old pillows to use as bedding in their animal crates. In addition to animal shelters, vets and wildlife rehab centers can sometimes use old pillows as well.

Recycling Points

Take a pair of old long socks, fill them with filling from an old pillow, sew it together, and you’ve got your draft stopper. You can also fill an old pillowcase with filling from an old pillow. Do you know what your family night and game nights are missing? You can have these in no time now that you have old pillows that need to be recycled.

Note that polyester and foam fills may not be particularly insulating. If Mister Bunny Face belongs to your child, make sure the stuffing is clean and hypoallergenic. No feathers if there’s a risk your child is allergic. They would need to sterilize the donated pillows themselves, which is not cost-effective. This is understandable considering your mattress is filled with sweat, dead skin flakes, and “millions” of dust mites.