Can I Donate Used Underwear

Donate Old Underwear to These Organizations, Instead of Trashing Them

Use the scraps of your old underwear as patches for holes in clothes you want to keep wearing, or to liven up an old piece. Make sure your old underwear is thoroughly washed, and avoid patching the parts with stains. I also personally would avoid using the gusset in patches but… that’s your call!

Aside from undies, you can donate your old books, presumably, books for different grades if you have them, pencils, clothes, shoes, and other useful items for both old and young. At a certain time, your clothes, shoes, etc, might not fit you properly, so instead of trashing them, you can help others with them by donating. Find a charitable organisation like Oxfam, even know your socks might just be rags at this point they’ll still be able to recycle them. You can also go to clothing banks, usually situated outside supermarkets to dispose of your clothes.

How do I donate underwear to Goodwill?

Maybe you have noticed that the elastic waistband has lost its stretch and the fabric is starting to wear thin in several areas. Maybe this has never happened to you or maybe your underwear is so old that they are no longer wearable. Have underwear that isn’t one hundred percent cotton?

Nobody wants your spaghetti-stained socks with holes and loose elastic. The most highly donate-able undergarment is the bra. Gently used bras in good condition can and should be donated when they are no longer useful to you. Use your old underwear as scrap fabric for doll clothes—dresses, shirts, skirts, even tiny little doll underwear and diapers. Just make sure the old stuff is super clean, because otherwise, gross.

Many other charities will only accept donations of brand new socks. Check out all our Underwear products for more discounts. Despite not accepting used underwear, Planet Aid boxes have the assurance that only fresh pairs will be accepted. Unmentionable underwear made of 100% cotton, silk or other materials, can be composted once the elastic strap is removed. The online consignment store, Thred Up, provides a way to maybe make some extra cash while donating your old underwear and other gently used items. Order a prelabeled “Clean Out” bag or a label to attach yourself, fill it with your unwanted clothing, and send it back!

A lot of people are already doing something about it and donating their clothes to places such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. The answer is no; Goodwill does not take underwear, bras, and socks. In this article, we’ll show you how you can dispose of your underwear responsibly and help reduce waste. If you are buying new underwear, you might turn to a few forward-thinking underwear companies that specifically accept used underwear. Knickey will trade you a pair of free organic underwear when you recycle underwear through them. Hanky Panky, a lingerie company, also accepts bras and panties of any brand for recycling with a purchase.

While we live our lives in excess, others live life with so little that they choose to pay for food or shelter over purchasing new undergarments. But there is something we can do to help—we can donate our gently used undergarments to those in need. Most experts recommend replacing your underwear six to twelve times over the course of a 12-month period.