Can I Donate Pillows

Wondering What to Do With Old Pillows? Here Are Your Options

However, before you pack your cushions and beddings, you need to know a couple of things to ensure a successful donation. Often, polyol by itself can be recovered, purified, and used in the chemical industry again. Foam is a hard material to recycle and most often is sent to the landfill. Pillows are essential to comfortable and pleasant sleep. The older they get, however, the more they lose their volume, becoming uncomfortable.

And the cat will most likely prefer your current bed pillows because 1) they’re a cat, and 2) those pillows smell like their favorite human. They would need to sterilize the donated pillows themselves, which is not cost-effective. If you purchase a new mattress, your old mattress can be taken away by the mattress delivery people. If not, you can call up your local garbage service and request a pickup.

What can I do with old pillows UK?

If solid, you may cut it to size, or simply use shredded foam. Clean bedding, such as blankets, comforters, pillowcases, and sheets, can be donated to Goodwill®, the Salvation Army®, or your favorite shelter for either humans or animals. A quick Google search can help you discover any textile recycling facilities in proximity. Once you discover a few, compile a list and contact each one separately until you find one willing to accept old pillows. Have you read the article we wrote on how to successfully donate old mattresses and pillows?

  • Either way, your old mattress most likely ends up in a landfill somewhere.
  • By donating your bedding when it starts to get colder out, you ensure that someone is getting the most out of it.
  • Some sleep positions can put added pressure on your neck, shoulders, hips, lower back, knees, and even your heels, all of which can lead to pain, Thomas says.

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How to Recycle Your Pillow? 12 things you can do with an old pillow

Check our recycling locator tool to find your nearest bank. Duvets / pillows which are in good reusable condition might be accepted by homeless shelters or animal charities. First, find a charity organization that accepts old pillows and mattresses.

Your bed is too small for you, and the current pillows and sheets don’t fit your needs anymore. Getting a new pillow and mattress can do wonders for your sleeping routine. You will sleep more comfortably, forget about neck or back pain, and enjoy less achy mornings. Goodwill employees may decline a donation if it is not in clean or in saleable condition or if they are unable to assist with larger items due to risk of injury. Our employees often help unload donations, however cannot help if doing so may damage any vehicle, or if doing so is unsafe for them or anyone else. LoadUp offers flexible pickup options for unwanted linens and other boxed junk items, including discounted outdoor pickups.

No matter where you donate your pillows, make sure they’re in good, clean condition. It’s true that animal shelters can sometimes really use some old pillows to use as bedding in their animal crates. In addition to animal shelters, vets and wildlife rehab centers can sometimes use old pillows as well. Check for any in your area and give them a call or email them to find out if they can use your old pillows. No matter where you donate them, make sure your pillows are in a reasonably clean condition before you drop them off. If you have any linens like blankets, towels, and comforters, animal shelters may be able to use them as well.

Let them know you are a customer who likes their product and ask them to provide this service to help keep old pillows out of the waste stream. Big box stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Wayfair, and Kroger have all stopped carrying “My Pillow” products. According to the National Sleep Foundation, pillows should be replaced every one to two years.