Can I Donate Frozen Breast Milk

How to Sell Breast Milk and Make up to $2500 Per Month

Collect your 100 ounces anyway you like -hand expression, electric or battery-operated pump, silicone milk collector while nursing on the other side, whatever works for you! As for donating through a non-accredited organization or group, or even directly to a friend? Informal set-ups abound through local mom groups, social media or just word of mouth.

In one post, the mom says she’s selling dairy-free breast milk without peanuts or wheat consumed. Once you’re cleared, Only the Breast will allow you to sell breast milk as much or as little as you want. Promote healthy weight for babies — Babies fed breast milk have higher amounts of beneficial gut bacteria, which impacts fat storage and may reduce the chances of obesity.

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We understand the importance of receiving donated breast milk from an accredited milk bank to ensure it’s absolutely safe for your baby. Donors receive no payment or compensation for their donation, except the satisfaction of knowing they have helped improve the health of a fragile baby and bring relief to their families. We will reimburse donors with breast milk storage supplies. Make sure you put the date and time of your pumping session on the bags. Include how many ounces are in each bag so you can count how much milk you have stored for donation.

Donor milk is pasteurized to destroy bacteria and viruses that are present in milk. A small amount of growth enzymes and immunological components are decreased by pasteurization, but pasteurized milk retains the majority of its most beneficial qualities. Pasteurized donor milk still has many special properties that can’t be duplicated by commercial milk formulas.
  • By donating to a certified, nonprofit bank, donors ensure that their milk is equitably distributed to the neediest babies, rather than being sold for a profit.
  • The U.S. Food & Drug Administration also advises against these methods.
  • Although research has shown that breast milk provides health benefits for all babies, I was careful whenever I mentioned my donations to friends or on social media.
  • Tell the truth and don’t lie about medications or health conditions.
  • It’s harmless to your baby’s eyes and gets the gunk right out.

I live in Des Moines, and a quick Google search led me to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa. It’s part of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America , which has 26 nonprofit member milk banks in the United States and Canada. HMBANA dispensed more than 5 million ounces of donor milk from more than 9,000 donors in 2016—which was a 20 percent increase over the prior year. Buying and selling breast milk informally carries a lot more risk because it’s not regulated.

Can you donate breast milk?

This is the main complaint of buyers who wanted bacteria-free breast milk but couldn’t afford the $4 per ounce breast milk price tag. Adhering to their guidelines increases your chances of selling your milk quicker. They have detailed instructions on how to use aseptic techniques to express, handle, store, ship, and freeze breast milk to prevent contamination, as well as detailed at-home pasteurization techniques.

Human Breast Milk Commercialization Controversy in India – Asia Sentinel

Human Breast Milk Commercialization Controversy in India.

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But donating or receiving milk this way isn’t recommended, according to the AAP and the FDA. Once your forms and bloodwork have been reviewed, you’ll be notified about whether you’re eligible to donate. Here’s what you need to know about sharing breast milk, from how it’s done to what’s safe. Yes, we are able to accept milk from donors consuming not more than 300 mg of a caffeinated beverage per day or one unit of alcohol.

There are so many things that people don’t recognize when it comes to breastfeeding. I remember blindly saying, before I had my first daughter, that I wanted to breastfeed for a year. I never realized that means that I’m committing to doing something every three hours, every day, for an entire year. How many humans have the ability and privilege to commit to something like that? It’s a pretty extraordinary feat when you think about it.

Then, I saw another mom saying something about donating her own breast milk. We have a chest freezer in our garage full of all the milk I had pumped and stored early on, but I hadn’t been sure whether other moms would be open to using it. I’m open to it, so I put it out on my personal Facebook page and within a day I had 1,000 likes and people asking if it was OK to share my post.

It’s not unsafe beyond 12 months, but the cutoff is there due to concerns for nutrient loss over time. As your baby is over a year, and breast milk isn’t their primary source of nutrition, you could still give it to your child or mix into food if you wanted to. It’s been frozen, so it isn’t “bad” as in spoiled, just not ideal for a baby who is relying on that milk for all of its nutrition. For-profit milk banks may be another option to consider, and may also donate to local hospitals. However, the protocols developed by commercial banks may not be as stringent as those developed by HMBANA, which could potentially impact the quality of the milk a family receives, some experts warn. Donating outside of an accredited bank means donors haven’t undergone adequate health screening.

This may not be "Option A," but it’s a really viable option. Breast milk is unregulated and untested, which means the milk could have harmful substances like medications, nicotine, alcohol, or drugs. Milk is handled hygenically and pasteurized to kill all known pathogens in breast milk. Is there anything I can do with it at this point or do I just need to toss it? I hate being wasteful, especially considering the formula shortage now.

Those who live close to their milk bank location or to donor milk depots can drop off their frozen breast milk donation, says Groff. There’s also the option to arrange a courier pickup or to ship the frozen breast milk overnight. In the latter case, the milk bank will provide the appropriate packaging and a prepaid label.