Can I Donate Expired Canned Goods

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It is estimated that Americans throw ten cents of every dollar’s worth of food into the trash. That’s works out to over $1,000 worth of eats per family – most of it still perfectly fine to consume – each year. Not only is that an unnecessary bite out of the personal pocketbook but food is a principle component of landfills and contributor to methane that is warming the planet.

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There are several goods that food banks would prefer not to deal with, regardless of whether they are expired. Because counties often manage food banks, it’s a good idea to check their website for any suspicious products before going through with the transaction. As much as consuming and appreciating “expired” foods is recognized, some individuals simply cannot or will not eat certain items. Therefore, instead of throwing away “expired” items from your pantry, donate them to a food bank instead of throwing them away. Many food donation stations do not prefer food canned in a personal kitchen as the ingredients cannot be vouched for.

  • Compared to carbon dioxide, methane has a greater environmental impact.
  • For the most part, if the canned food has expired only a couple of months ago it should be still safe to eat but it will probably not taste the best.
  • The first thing you’ll want to confirm is that the place you’re donating to is a tax-exempt organization.
  • If you have the above items, find the local food bank and donate whatever you can afford to provide.
  • MEALS ON WHEELS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. For those unable to physically go to food pantries, Meals On Wheels is an important resource, bringing food right to people in need.

Hosting a virtual food drive helps you give back while avoiding the heavy boxes of canned goods. Learn how to host one for your upcoming holiday celebration. If you’re really a prepper, recycle the empty cans by making hobo stoves, frying pans, and other cooking utensils so that you can cook what came out of them. What empty cans you don’t need, make extra stoves and sell or give to others. I see all these kids getting free breakfasts or lunches and a great percentage of the food gets thrown out. Trust me IF they were truly hungry, they would eat it and I would be happy these programs exist.

Can you still eat canned food after the ‘best by’ date? Here’s what you should know

If you want to know which canned foods last the longest then check out my recent article Longest lasting canned foods ( Up to 30+ years ). The actual bloating and deterioration of the can is due to bacteria feeding on the content of the can and multiplying, while they are feeding and multiplying they will produce a lot of gas. As this excess gas doesn’t have any place to go it will increase the pressure of the can which sooner or later will start bloating. Opening up a canned food that is bloated will result in a lot of mess, as the added pressure can easily catapult the entire content of the can outside and onto your walls.

Roseland Cautions Against Donating Expired Food to Pantry –

Roseland Cautions Against Donating Expired Food to Pantry.

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In California, there are currently 18 food banks to choose from. Since food banks are usually run by county, it’s a good idea to check their website for questionable items before proceeding. Cans in the case of canned food consist of a hermetic seal and a protective lining. This ensures that the products remain preserved for a longer duration.

Regulated Product(s)

Keep in mind that these are manufacturer-recommended dates for optimal product quality, not for product safety. But, because not everyone is aware of it, we had to tell it. At food donation booths and food banks around the United States, food donations that have passed their “best before” dates are welcomed and appreciative.