Can I Donate Blood If I Have Secondary Polycythemia

Secondary Polycythemia: Causes, Treatment, Symptoms, and More

When this happens, the bone marrow can no longer produce enough healthy blood cells. Experts refer to this condition, which is a type of chronic leukemia, as myelofibrosis . It can sometimes lead to acute myeloid leukemia, though this is rare.

Blood clots are the most common cause of death in people with PV. When blood clots form in blood vessels, they can block the flow of blood to vital organs. This can lead to life threatening complications, such as stroke, heart attack, and venous thrombosis. For patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome, weight loss is a corrective measure that can be achieved through lifestyle modifications, pharmacological therapy, and bariatric surgery. Erythropoiesis is the physiological process that leads to the production and maintenance of RBC mass.

In patients diagnosed with idiopathic erythrocytosis, if the hematocrit is above 54%, then reduced to a target of 50% may be considered. For patients with comorbid conditions predisposing to a thrombotic risk and ischemia, a lower target of 45% may also be considered if already greater than 54%. In this specific group of patients, cytoreductive therapy is contraindicated. Patients usually have nonspecific symptoms on the presentation that include fatigue, headache, and dizziness. In some cases, due to the hyperviscosity of blood, transient ischemic attacks lead to a transient visual defect.

Can i donate blood if i have polycythemia or is it considered "tainted"?

A simple blood test administered by physicians can measure complete blood count. Primary polycythemia and secondary polycythemia are similar. However, the former starts inside the bone marrow , whereas the latter starts outside of the bone marrow. Still, in both conditions, the normal bone marrow is overstimulated to overproduce red blood cells.

Differences Between Primary & Secondary Polycythemia

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It is especially risky for older adults and people with other health conditions. As a result, healthcare providers often avoid prescribing this treatment. This thickened blood can’t pass through your small blood vessels like capillaries easily.

From diagnosis to treatment, our experts provide the care and support you need, when you need it. Patients who have COPD are given low flow oxygen therapy can be used to correct the polycythemia-related hypoxia. 17.Landolfi R, Marchioli R, Kutti J, Gisslinger H, Tognoni G, Patrono C, Barbui T., European Collaboration on Low-Dose Aspirin in Polycythemia Vera Investigators. Efficacy and safety of low-dose aspirin in polycythemia vera.

Usually you’ll have an excess of the hormone erythropoietin that drives the production of red cells. Before donating blood, please refer to your state’s or public health agency’s guidelines for COVID-19 testing and quarantining. Do not come to donate if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or are subject to quarantine after close contact with individuals diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 infection. If you’ve had COVID-19 and have been symptom-free for 10 days, you are eligible to donate. Correcting or eliminating the cause of secondary polycythemia is the most important aim of treating blood-related abnormalities.