Can A White Person Donate Blood To A Black Person

Organ Donation and African Americans

Plasma donors can undergo apheresis to take out the plasma from whole blood. While 28.5 percent of the total candidates currently waiting for transplants are blacks, they comprised 12.9 percent of organ donors in 2020. Is there a maximum number of blood transfusions a person can have? Before giving blood, a person will need to fill out a form providing certain details, such as their medical history.

The council, whose comments were included in the federal report, said it was unlikely that medical factors alone could account for blacks’ relative difficulty getting kidneys. Imagine trying to be so “woke” and getting so offended without knowing the actual reasoning behind the request. I am a member of the Black community and this story caught my attention. I actually READ it to find out how I can help with this health disparity.

The information from this health screening may provide import insights into your health status. You can track your pulse rate, blood pressure and hemoglobin level over time through our freeBlood Donor App. This free health screening is a part of every blood donation. What concerns blood bankers on a daily basis is a more common condition caused by uncommon blood.

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Poor people thus tend to stay on dialysis longer so they can save extra money, he said. But the longer a patient is on dialysis, the slimmer are the chances for a successful transplant, he said. You being “a little offended” by a factual request is your issue. No one is being excluded, therefore everyone is included. We need to stop all the incentivety ,we are all one blood .

  • In all other regions, blacks waited longer than whites.
  • Even when you only learn about the transcendent cooking utility called seasoned salt, a relationship with a black person could be beneficial in many ways.
  • The average healthy range for men of all races is 13.5 to 17.5g/dL.
  • Sickle cell research needs blood donors would have been more inclusive.

I agree with you that one should not be offended by the article though. If one wants to help and donate blood or not it is up to them. If you were ineligible to donate blood because of your military service in Europe, you may be eligible now.


If you’re Black, please consider donating your blood to help others. Suzanne, this is the VA encouraging ALL people to donate to their local Red Cross whenever they can. Go to to see where donations are being accepted and sign up. Blood donation teams set up in churches and business parking lots to make it as easy as possible for you to donate. Bryans can’t simply say “Hello”; they must call you “dawg” or “my G” or something else that shows how “down” they are.

People need people to help so let’s help regardless of color ,race, religion . I agree, one should not be offended by mentioning someone’s race. Would love to give blood ,but don’t make it complicated and provide a local address .Don’t need a t shirt ,just a stress free visit a clean donation site where you aren’t treated like they are doing you a favor. What a shame those of us who were stationed in Europe in the 80’s can’t give blood because of mad cow disease. I’m type 2 diabetic and have been giving blood (O-) every 8 weeks since 2001.

Organ Donation and African Americans

America’s earliest blood bank, founded in 1937 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, noted race on donor forms and other blood banks followed suit. During World War II, African-American blood was labeled N for Negro (and some centers refused African-American donors outright) and given only to African-American soldiers. Louisiana banned the segregation of blood only in 1972. In 2020, 16.4 percent of blacks were living donors as compared to 33.4 percent of white living donors. African Americans make up the largest group of minorities in need of an organ transplant.

This ensures that the blood people donate is safe and can effectively help others. People with piercings can donate blood as long as the instruments the piercer used were single-use and disposable. If the piercer used reusable equipment or the person is unsure of what they used, they will need to wait 3 months before donating blood.