Ashley Donato Acupuncture

Ashley Donato, LAc Acupuncturist Covington, LA

You can also see how Ashley Donato compares to other acupuncturists in Covington. Ms. Ashley R. Donato has 10 years of experience in acupuncture.

  • Located in South San Jose’s Almaden Valley neighborhood, Dao Wellness & Acupuncture Center is Almaden’s premiere alternative health clinic.
  • While practicing as a pharmacist, she studied acupressure and tui na massage.
  • Not only does Audrey have deep knowledge and abundant experience with this Eastern practice, she is able to work shoulder to shoulder with Western medicine and meet her patients right where they need to be met.
The next morning, I woke from a dream where the memory of my conversation with my acupuncturist bubbled to the surface. As I drove to a therapy appointment that day, I heard a commercial for a Master’s of Acupuncture program at a local college. Within six weeks, I had transformed the direction of my life. Ashley is committed and passionate about helping patients achieve their health and wellness goals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and continuing to expand her knowledge of health and wellness. She is honored to use her knowledge about Acupuncture to serve Northfield and the surrounding communities.

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The Acupuncture Center is a central place to receive treatments, learn about Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine, attend lectures and classes, explore natural concepts to health and wellbeing, and find your personal center. Dr. Donato works with patients at Lee Health Coconut Point and the Regional Cancer Center. “Here at Regional Cancer Center, the guidelines for acupuncture are strict. But patients can benefit from the side effects of some of their treatments, such as nausea, fatigue, neuropathy,” she said. Ms. Temelini treats an entire range of ailments including pain, stress, digestive disorders, allergies, insomnia, cancer support and women’s health issues such as menopause, endometriosis and fertility challenges.

Practice and Hospital Affiliations

Located in South San Jose’s Almaden Valley neighborhood, Dao Wellness & Acupuncture Center is Almaden’s premiere alternative health clinic. We are dedicated to improving the quality of your daily living through the application of our 5000 year old natural medical approach. Ashley Donato has not yet indicated whether they offer telehealth services. Please contact the office to check for availability/eligibility.


She is excited to be working at a health clinic with us where she can make a difference in health and injury recoveries. While she can do many types of massage including but not limited to Swedish, Prenatal, Sports, Hot Stone, her specialty is in Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Active Release Techniques. Please discuss with her your individual need prior to your massage session.

Dr. Huang specializes in pain management, women’s health, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and many more health conditions. She is also the third generation inheritor of Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture. This specialty of Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture provides high efficiency in treatment and milder needling sensation for patients who need it. She has years of medical practice experiences in China and in the US.

Her passion for Oriental Medicine stemmed from personal experience. After chronic health issues were left unresolved despite numerous attempts with conventional medicine, she turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine where she discovered a whole new way of life. After getting such life changing results, she decided that this is what she wanted to dedicate herself to.