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ADL’s most recent Audit of Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States recorded 1,879 acts in 2018, with a dramatic increase in physical assaults, including the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history. A wave of anti-Semitic robocalls targeted Jewish schools, JCCs and synagogues, and a significant number of incidents occurred at K-12 schools and on college campuses. ADL’s Center on Extremism tracks anti-Semitic trends and other forms of hate every day. Its experts monitor extremist activity online and on the ground, and COE has issued numerous reports on key developments and trends in extremism and hate. From the far right and the far left and everything in between, ADL’s team of researchers also monitors anti-Semitism.

We can serve individuals with complicated needs, so we do not have specific criteria for program acceptance. The tent allows kids and adults to climb on fire engines and wander through the “hazard house” while also receiving educational materials on fire safety through various stations and activities. For more than 25 years,Boot Day for Burn Survivorshas helped provide much needed support to those that have been effected by burn injuries.

The winners receive a scholarship toward their music lessons and perform with the orchestra for a year. Dr. Leon Stein led the Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra from 1962 until 1966. Leo Krakow followed as conductor of the Symphony and held that post for 27 years.

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Restaurant owner and club member Randy Miles was around the entire time, making sure that all guests had a good time with plenty of food and drinks. The organizer for this event was Al Rigoni assisted by club president Ralph Czerwinski. One of the duties of the new district governor is to visit all the rotary club with the district, so today our district governor Richard Rivkin made his official visit to our club.

Turning Point serves children and adults from throughout the Chicago metro area, with no geographic restrictions, starting at age 5. Kenny Davis being inducted as a new club member by club president Max Slankard assisted by sponsor Rob Paddor. Kenny received a round of applause as a new member and for donating the dry cleaning services at Kenny the Kleener / Chicago’s Discount Dry Cleaner. His Dempster Street location cleaned over 500 coats and jackets for children and adults that get donated to needy families. The warm clothes were collected during our November Annual Coat Drive.

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"The ways people read, receive and find information continue to change significantly," Anthony said when that award was announced. Those improvements have come with replacing heating and air conditioning as well as lighting and adding a new environmentally friendly green roof. The long-awaited west parking lot was built in stages as houses became available for tear down to complete the project. Guatemala has one of the lowest literacy rates in the Western Hemisphere. In some regions, more than one out of every three adults cannot read or write. A Contributing factor to Guatemala’s literacy crisis is the near-absence of reading materials.

He has also served as an adjunct faculty member at several universities teaching business, human resources, and supervisory management courses. Kathleen McDonald, Executive Director of the Mitchell Museum of American Indian was the guest speaker at our weekly meeting of October 9, 2018. Vox Connect is a professional IT company and Telecom Services Provider that has been providing technical solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area since 2006. Our customers are SMBs with computers in the non-profit, accounting, real estate, construction, manufacturing, legal, and investment industries. At Vox Connect, we understand that maintaining computer and telecom systems can be intimidating, frustrating, time-consuming, and costly for SMB owners.

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – or RYLA – is a not-for-profit training program for leaders and potential leaders (Freshman- Senior).
  • This is a free event with a Silent Auction & Giant Yard Sale and 100% of the proceeds going to the Fisher House Foundation.
  • It promotes public understanding of cultural diversity through first voice perspectives.
  • Senate race, Wilson returned to her public interest roots, serving as Director of Diversity Education and Outreach and Adjunct Professor at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law for 7 years.
  • He came to the United States with his wife and two children for a vacation.

New club member Ken Borre is being inducted by club president Max Slankard. MNASR serves members of the communities in the park districts of Des Plaines, Golf-Maine, Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge, Skokie and the Village of Lincolnwood. Individuals of all abilities should have the opportunity to learn, work, have fun, and live in a way that enables self respect and promotes self-esteem.

He was Congressman Yates’s Special Counsel in Washington and remained his lawyer and campaign chairman until the congressman’s death. George Van Dusen is currently the Mayor of Skokie, IL and has lived there with his wife, Susan, for 44 years. The Mayor earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Detroit and both a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. from Loyola University.

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Rotary emphasizes the dignity of every vocation and the worth of every calling. Remember that the four founding members included no doctors or peacemakers — just an attorney, a mining engineer, a coal dealer, and a printer. From the beginning, the diversity of those vocations gave Rotary a special strength. And that diversity is reflected in our classification system, which aims to ensure that each club represents the full range of businesses and professions that serve each community. The Skokie Valley Orchestral Association was incorporated that first year as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Illinois.