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An approved charity is one that is recognized by the IRS with the 501 designation as a Not-for-Profit organization. Fostering expenses eligible for deduction are food, medicines, veterinary bills, crates, garbage bags, and the like. Even a portion of your utilities can be considered expenses as long as a specific area of your home is only used for the care of the animals and nothing else.

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  • If you are interested in in-kind giving opportunities, please email us at
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  • Since all dogs need warm, comfortable shelter, we ask for donations of Dog-loo style dog houses.

Your donation would then be used to support that shelter. Depends on whether the shelter is set up as a charity able to receive tax deductible donations (for example, if it’s organized under section 501). The shelter should have that info readily available on its website or other promotional materials.

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We are very appreciative of all donations and gladly accept checks or cash. Online donations are also available now by clicking on the Donate button. Please ensure that you are using the most current version of your browser when donating online. You can support the mission of the Animal Shelter Foundation by making a tax-deductible donation with a one-time gift or by becoming a monthly donor.

Please everyone check the IRS Rules on this to see if you qualify. Animal rescue is a critical issue that affects millions of animals across the globe. Countless animals are abandoned and abused every day, facing immense suffering and hardship.

And, you can only deduct a percentage based on how much time the dog spends guarding. But, if you’ve got a guard dog that protects your business and inventory (I wouldn’t really try this one as a personal deduction) this could amount to a nice deduction. Donations can also be a great way to show your support for a particular animal or pet. When you make a donation, you can specify that the donation is for a specific animal or pet.

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And by taking advantage of the tax deduction, you can save money on your taxes. So make sure to keep track of your donations and get a receipt for each one. That way, you can maximize your deduction and save money on your taxes. Donations are a great way to give back to causes you care about, but did you know that they can also be tax deductible? That’s right – by donating to qualifying organizations, you can get a deduction on your taxes. This guide will explain how donations can be deducted, and how to make the most of your deduction by maximizing your tax savings.

Like with many other nonprofits or charities, if you make a donation, you can typically deduct the value of your contribution from your annual tax bill. You can name the Seattle Animal Shelter and/or one of its funds as a beneficiary in your will. This ensures that your desire to support the animals is clear. You can donate a set amount or asset, a percentage of the total value of the estate or a residual bequest. MCACC does not have thrift operations and cannot utilize used items. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

It is also illegal to approach a person & service/emotional support asking questions. The only two questions business owner/airline can legally ask is 1 is Is that a service dog? With careful planning, you can ensure that your contribution will have a lasting impact. She was simply pointing out that some people, not all, unethically use service dogs when they are not truly suffering from a psychiatric condition.

Your tax deductible donation…

We need to implement a robust animal rescue tax to address this growing problem. Donations are accepted at the West and East Shelters during regular business hours, through the mail, or online. Donations made to your community shelter are tax-deductible as long as they are given for public purposes and not used for the payment of licenses or fees. Psychiatric Service Dogs are in fact Service Dogs, its not just emotional support as an ESA would do. There is quite a bit of information now on PTSD Service Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs.