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Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle, Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

There are two sets of judges for the masquerade. The first set is backstage, and are looking at the workmanship of your costume. This is where you can show off your fine stitching, painting, metalwork, etc., They also look for engineering and overall construction. The second set of judges is in front of the stage, and will be judging on the overall look of your costume presentation. Such things as how well you become that character, how you move in the costume, and how you chose to present it will be considered. The 60 second time limit will be strongly enforced this year.

We are a chapter of Starfleet International, Region 12. We are a diverse group of people who joined for an array of reasons, from community service and friendship, costuming to conventions. All wanting to have FUN, and bound by the beliefs and ideas expressed in the Star Trek universe.


Archon‘s Pro Guest policy has been recently updated. Archon will provide complimentary memberships to individuals based on the criteria below. PDF or print copy of the program book can be sent upon request as soon as it is press ready.

According to some estimates, the ratio of books to children in lower income neighbourhoods is approximately 1 book to 300 children, quite alarming, isn’t it? To protect the privacy of individuals, map indicators are displayed according to geographical location by zip code and does not reflect an actual address. The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial independence for the Ecumenical Patriarchate in perpetuity. The Foundation is charged with the responsibility of developing strategy on membership recruitment and an internal communications platform for ongoing updates for prospective members. This will include print and electronic media reaching out to the broadest base of supporters among all ministries, organizations and the Faithful. We ask that you lip-sync to recorded material, as most of the skits in the past have bombed due to microphone problems.

Please be aware your costume might cause alarm, so please act accordingly when not at the Convention. Security will ask you to return your prop-weapon to your hotel room or vehicle. Ll prop-weapons based off of a projectile weapon (Airsoft gun, Paintball gun, Nerf gun, etc.) must be rendered incapable of firing a projectile.

Art Show

A book is considered the most noble gift as it imparts knowledge and wisdom to change one’s life. Donating books can play a big part in bringing the joy of reading to millions of people who otherwise have very poor access to books. Andrew is a past President of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the Order of Ahepa, Elizabeth, N.J. And now a Life Time Member of Ahepa with the St. Mark chapter in Florida.

  • We will also feature panels for people wanting to learn more about the hobby, whether you are just building your first Starship Enterprise or you are a master at prop reproduction.
  • If you wish to conduct other activities at your table, you will need to obtain permission from the Fan Liaison or Con Chair in advance.
  • Each night provided they meet our guidelines.

They have sung with local community choirs and church choirs. They also enjoy karaoke and writing original music. As we approach closer to the event, we will populate the Archon Activities and Departments sections below. Our Guests of Honor have designated autograph times in the main hallway. If you desire an autograph from one of our other Pro Guests, we request that you ask them at the end of their panels or check to see if they have a designated autograph time.

On-Site Registration

Each night provided they meet our guidelines. Even though your prop weapon has not been peace bonded, you are expected to carry it in a responsible manner. Pro Guests do not receive a dealer, artist alley, bookseller’s row, or fan club table with their Pro Guest membership. Pro Guests will be required to participate in Archon programming with a minimum of 5 panels . In return, Pro Guests receive a complimentary membership for themselves and one guest, access to our 24-hour VIP Suite in the DoubleTree Hotel, and a Pro Guest badge ribbon. Archon, an internationally known, highly regarded and well attended science fiction and fantasy convention.