Americares Foundation

Americares Foundation


Americares is a humanitarian organization that offers life-changing medicine, medical supplies, and health programs to people who are struggling with poverty or disaster around the world. Americares has responded to disasters by creating sustainable programs in order for communities affected by these events to have access to quality healthcare services as well as be prepared before such an event occurs again. Through their Emergency Programs, they make sure that when a crisis arises it’s always about our patients’ needs first – specifically making them feel safe enough during this difficult time so all of their other needs can follow suit afterward.

Easy Ways to Get Involved Now!

Your support of Americares helps to make possible the delivery of medication, medical equipment, and services that can be life-saving. For every $1 donated, there’s a potential for your gift to produce up to $20 in aid!

Where We Work

Americares provides donated medical supplies and medicine to over 90 countries each year, implementing health programs in 20 different countries. From Colombia and El Salvador to India, Liberia, Malawi Tanzania the United States/Puerto Rico Americares is everywhere you need them!

Health Makes Everything Possible

Americares has saved millions of lives. We are able to expand our health programs and respond to more disasters because generous donors trust us with their money and trust Americares to improve the lives of people in this country and all over the world.

Current company information

CATEGORYInternational Needs
TOP PERSONChristine Squires
HEADQUARTERSStamford, Connecticut

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