A Donation Of Wool Wow

What is netherweave cloth used for?

Netherweave is used in all 300+ tailoring recipies, and you need minimum 2500 cloth to get to 375 skill in tailoring.

Is a donation of wool worth it?

These donation quests are VERY much worth it, XP-wise, if you do them the level they come available. Hitting all 4 faction donation quests will net you aboout 1/3 of a level.

How do I learn netherweave bandage?

  1. Get the book that lets you get over 300 2G vendor.
  2. make Heavy Runecloth bandages until you get to 330.
  3. buy neatherweave book 2G same vendor.
  4. Use book to learn neatherweave make until your lrvel is 360.
  5. buy next book for heavy neatherweave same vendor.
  6. learn heavy neatherweave.

Who teaches netherweave bandage?

Aresella <Medic> at Falcon Watch in Hellfire Peninsula. Burko <Medic> at Temple of Telhamat in Hellfire Peninsula.

Can you donate runecloth TBC?

A donation of sixty pieces of runecloth will net you full recognition by our people for your generous actions. If you currently have sixty pieces, you may donate them now.

How much gold does it take to get exalted with darnassus?

On most servers non-NE level 60s can usually get to exalted with any of their factions capitals for roughly 1,000-1,100 gold worth of runecloth.

How much exalted is runecloth?

Turn in a stack and you get 75 rep. If it’s 75 rep per stack, or per 20 Runecloth, then 39,000 divided by 75 is 520. You need to turn in this quest 520 times to get from 0/6000 friendly to attain exalted. Which means, go farm yourself 10,400 Runecloth!

Where do I train heavy netherweave bandage?

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Burko is at coords 22,39 in Temple of Telhamat.

Is donation of wool repeatable?

You cannot repeat wool, silk, or mageweave.. only Runecloth can be repeated @ lvl 50, but u must have the other donation quests completed first.

How do I learn 375 in first aid?

Master First Aid (300-375) is learned through books, and there are the only two recipes in Outlands. These are all sold from the same vendors. There is no strict level requirement to learn it, but you must have 300 First Aid. You learn the skill by purchasing the book Master First Aid – Doctor in the House for 4 50.