41 Tried & Tested Mom Hacks to Make Every Day Easier (and Cheaper)

Here are the most practical mom hacks that will totally change your life. They are easy and cool tricks that will make your life much more organized beautiful and budget-friendly!

As a busy mom, I have learned a few mom tips and mom hacks to make life calmer and simpler. Moms, we all have tips that have rocked our worlds and made something really overwhelming into a simple thing. We aren’t always used to taking the easy way, but these genius mom hacks are here to help.

30 genius mom tricks

Here are just a few of the mom tips we have discovered after a call out on our Facebook page asking for favorite mom hacks. These are going to save you a lot of time with just a little bit of effort!

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Genius Mom Hacks & Super Smart Tips

We have all been there as a mother where some tips or mom life hacks would have made the difference. A hard time that needed a quick fix!

We hope that you will find at least one game changer hack that will show you a much easier way. Think of the Kids Activities Blog community as your mom friends who are willing to tell you the truth!

1. Sippy cups within your child’s reach.

Have sippy cups in the lowest drawer or cabinet, it help your tots learn independence as they get their own drinks! This mom hack allows younger kids to get what they need without asking which is a win-win for everyone!

2. Child proof cabinets quickly with what you already have.

Use those toy rings as cabinet door locks. So easy and I bet you already have a couple dozen of these lying around the house. While they aren’t going to work completely like the cabinet locks that cost a small fortune, they will slow a child down. Be sure to use them with this in mind.

3. Pack your kids lunch box with a homemade ice pack sponge.

Keep lunch cool with this mom tip! Freeze a sponge in a plastic bag and throw it into the lunch box in the morning. Bonus: Your kiddo can wipe up their meal space after their lunch break! via Kids Activities Blog

4. Leverage sensory bottles for bedtime success.

Got a kiddo who just can. not. wind down at night?  Make a starry bedtime bottle to help them go to sleep out of water bottles. Bed time goes easier. You will thank us the next day!

5. Frozen grapes make great ice cubes.

Don’t dilute juice with ice cubes!  The best way is to keep it cool and get some fruit fiber with frozen grapes. Obviously, don’t do this with kids that can’t eat grapes.

6. Tart cherry gummies for kids can help everyone get better sleep.

Kids having trouble sleeping? Have them eat this magic fruit before bedtime! It seems like such a little thing, but it can make a big impact.

Idea for grounding a tween

7. Effective Grounding is to take away device chargers.

Are your kids grounded from their devices?  Take their chargers away from them, the anticipation of no power is a great motivator. <–best mom hacks, eh?

8. If you control the power, you have the power cord.

Another grounding tip is to put a lock around the power cord.  This way you don’t need to take the TV literally out of your kids room and they won’t be able to watch anything until their grounding period is over. Less time fussing!

9. The grumpies can be overcome by turning off the TV or other screen-time.

Got grumpy bored kids? Turn off the TV for a week. We have been amazed at how a week away from screens has helped our kids be more inventive with their free time and helped maintain a much healthier daily routine.

DIY quick ouchie pack made from marshmallows

10. Use a marshmallow cold pack for boo boos.

Mini-Marshmallow Ouchie Pads.  Put some marshmallows in the freezer.  They are lightweight, don’t hold too much cold, and make the perfect ouchie pads. You likely have some in the pantry so this will be at no extra cost to add to your first aid kit.

Genius hacks for moms like protecting the light switch, toilet paper, chore bracelets, and keeping bugs out of cups.

11. This DIY switch cover is your new light switch guard.

Got a kiddo who can’t help but flip the lights NON-STOP?  Make a switch cover.  Super easy to make in little time!

12. Use this tp hack to conserve toilet paper.

My tot has emptied the toilet paper on the floor too many times! Stop it before it starts by slipping a wooden dowel (that is slightly longer than a roll of toilet paper) with circular wooden dowel ends into a roll of toilet paper roll, and then use a ponytail holder to hold the toilet paper in place, by fastening one end onto each of the dowel ends.

13. Reward kids in an unexpected way with this chore bracelet.

Is your forgetful child driving you batty?  Making a collection of paper bracelets with their “tasks” is a great mom life tip  it helps them to see what is left to be done.

14. No more bugs. Need I say more?

Last year we learned how to keep bugs out of your kids drinks at the next outdoor party you host with the help of cupcake liner in this house tip.

15. A formula dispenser machine is like a coffee maker for baby formula.

Are you getting up in the middle of the night to make baby bottles? We can help you save a little more time! This gadget measures and mixes formula to the perfect temperature for you with just the push of a button.

kids sink hack to make the faucet extended so kids can wash their hands

16. Make your own sink faucet extender from your recycling bin.

Have a kiddo who just can’t reach the sink?  You may have seen the dustpan trick online, but this works even better for younger kids to reach the faucet.  Make a sink extender.

17. Teach kids how to clean their own room in 15 minutes or less.

Teach your kids to clean their rooms in ten to fifteen minuets.  We tried this clean up time system – it REALLY works! Oh, and it works for both younger and older kids!

door knob tip for toddlers so they don't lock themselves in the room anymore

18. Stop the lock.

Got a kiddo who is constantly locking himself in a room. Until he grows out of the phase, cross painters tape over the door lock.

veggie pops fb size  they are green, purple, orange, and yellow

19. Popsicles made from vegetables are super refreshing on a hot day.

Got a kiddo who refuses to eat veggies??  Try these veggie packed pops.  They are tasty and good for you and you can pick up whatever veggies are on sale next time you go grocery shopping.

20. Give them an app that teaches them something while they play.

Want to occupy the kids without giving them a mindless video game? Try this app which is full of learning games! This works great when on the go like on a road trip or while occupying themselves at the grocery store.

21. How to make sure kids shoes go on the right feet.

Help your kids learn which shoe goes on which foot with the help of stickers. Match the stickers together and put on their own shoes!

22. Wash LEGO bricks and small toys in a mesh bag.

Great Cleaning Tip: Wash Legos in a lingerie bag, in the washing machine.  This is great after a bout of sickness has gone through your home.  Keep your kids from reinfecting themselves!

Another reason I have a mesh bag for laundry is for kids socks. They are so tiny and plentiful and the best part is a good mesh bag will help you decrease the sock mate hunt time by 80% in my estimation.

23. Juice boxes have built in handles. Yes, you just learned that.

No more juice box spills!  Use the flaps of the box juice box as “handles”.  Instead of holding, and squeezing the box.  Kids hold the flaps and are sticky-free.

soap trick to keep kids from using all the soap

24. Portion control soap for handwashing with a rubber band.

Wrap a rubber band around the soap pump to limit the kids going bonkers and making fingerpaint from the soap. This Cleaning Tip helps portion control the soap for small hands.

Toilet Dry Erase game while potty training

25. Toilet seat as a dry erase board makes potty training easier.

Spending all day on the potty waiting for the “big event” to reward them?  Or maybe you just have a kiddo who takes forever to do his duty? Give him a dry erase marker and let him doodle on the toilet lid. It wipes off!

26. Target practice at the toilet makes the bathroom cleaner.

Cheerios. Drop one into the toilet. Teach boys to aim into the toilet by having them use the cherrio as a “target”. Potty time becomes quality time for aiming.

temporarily Childproof outlets

27. Help kids develop pencil holding skills in unusual ways.

Use a pom-pom to help your kids learn how to hold a pencil or pen.  It will help them learn to write.

28. Dinner is much easier with these 3 ingredient crockpot recipes.

Low on time?  Tired of meal planning that is overwhelming? Try dumping one of these 3 Ingredient Crock pot meals into your slow-cooker – come home and dinner will be hot and ready. Want to speed up your comfort foods?

Check out the slow cooker to instant pot conversion table. Family life just got much less complicated! Homemade is a better way than drive thru any day!

tip How to get kids to clean

29. Have kids report back with photographic evidence when proof is needed.

Did you tell your kids to clean their room, and they tell you they did, but you are cooking dinner (or whatever) and unable to check? Ask them to take your phone and go grab a picture as “proof”.

It doesn’t take any extra time and you have your answer without walking down the hall.

30. A pizza cutter cuts almost any food that you need in small pieces.

A little trick I have been using for as long as my kids were toddlers was to use a pizza cutter for nearly anything! The best part is almost any food that needs to be cut smaller is often easier with a pizza cutter. Oh, and if the pizza cutter gives you a difficult time, then it is time to break out the cooking scissors!

unusual things you can wash in the dish washer sm

31. Board game boards as wall art.

Store game boards on the wall – they double as art and are a lot of fun to grab and play with! Board game storage can also be condensed into other parts of the house if you play your cards right…see what I did there? As Martha would say, it is a good thing.

32. You can wash a lot of things in the dishwasher.

There are SO many things that you can wash!  Including many toys, and kids shoes, in a dishwasher! Yep, all those annoying little toys…all at one time.

33. Make an emergency sippy cup on the go just like Macgyver.

Don’t have a travel mug?  Maybe you need an emergency sippy cup?  You can make a regular cup into a temporary splash-proof cup by covering it with cling wrap and poking a hole through it for a straw.

34. Make your own DIY cooler with balloon ice balls (video instructions).

Don’t want soggy juice boxes at your next play date? Try making a cooler from balloons.

35. Use a pool noodle as a kids bedrail.

Traveling? Does the bed lack a bedrail – making it unsafe for young kids?  Put a pool noodle under the sheets.  This should stop all but the most adventurous sleepers.

36. Take a quick decluttering course.

Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families! A decluttering course that takes just a few hours to learn can be an investment that lives on for years.

37. Keep a towel in your car.

If your kids are younger, you likely have an emergency diaper bag in your car with those easily forgotten or used necessities – wipes, extra diapers, change of clothes. No matter what age your kids, a towel (or two) in the trunk of the car can be a lifesaver and let you say “yes” to crazy ideas your kids might have like run through the water feature with their clothes on. <–not that anything like that has ever happened!

38. Have your groceries delivered.

A few years ago grocery delivery was expensive and not available in most areas, but thankfully for moms that has changed. Many grocery stores will deliver for free or a very small delivery charge that makes it totally worthwhile.

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39. Use clear plastic bins in your child’s closet for hand-me-downs & hand-me-ups!

I always had two clear plastic bins with ages written on them in each of my kids’ closets so that I could add things they grow out of for hand-me-downs and things that they are going to grow into from their older brother.

40. Cupcake liners are for more than just cupcakes.

We use cupcake liners as popsicle drip catchers, car cupholder liners and of course…kids crafts! There are so many fun ways to use cupcake liners. Check out our favorite cupcake liner crafts!

41. Keep toys on a rotation in the play room.

You don’t have to buy new toys when you have a good toy rotation. Take a bin, fill it up with toys and then hide it. Discover it a month or two later and it will be like Christmas all over again.

Love These Life Hacks? We Have Even More Good Hacks…

Which mom hack was your favorite? Did we miss some mom tips…please add in the comments below!

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