30 Fairy Crafts and Recipes for Your Little One

Does your little one dream of being a fairy? Are pretty flowers, magical dust, and tiny foods always something they want?

If so, these 30 fairy crafts and recipes for your little one will keep them busy for hours!

30 Fairy Crafts and Recipes for Your Little One

Fairy Crafts 

Whether it’s whimsical decorations, fun things to make and wear, or even tasty little magical treats, your aspiring little fairy will love these ideas.

These are so much fun to do, and even better, it is a fun way to spend time with your little one!

So, make some magical memories with these super adorable fairy crafts!

30 Fairy Crafts- rainbow flower dolls, a peg fairy doll that looks like princess Belle, a fairy peg with a blue, pink, and purple dress, a sparkly winter fairy peg, and fairy peg with a rainbow pom pom/
Make your very own fairy peg dolls!

Fairy Doll Crafts

Flower Fairy Wooden Peg Dolls

How cute is this simple and fun Flower Fairy Wooden Peg Dolls from The Imagination Tree?!

Flower Fairies

Decorate your home for Spring with these Flower Fairies from The Lemon Zest Blog.

Beautiful Wooden Peg Fairy Dolls

Here’s another Wooden Peg Fairy Dolls tutorial, from Hostess with the Mostess.

Pom Pom Fair Garland

Brighten up your child’s bedroom or playroom with Raising Up Rubies‘ Pom Pom Fairy Garland.

Clothespin Fairies

Wildflower Ramblings has another fun spin on this classic Clothespin Fairies craft. 

Pine Cone Winter Fairies

Life with Moore Babies‘ Pine Cone Winter Fairies make a sweet DIY addition to your holiday decorations. 

30 Fairy Crafts- a fairy house with wood roof, rocks, and even a pathway, a colorful felt house that is red, green, blue, and pink, and a nature house, made with leaves and wood, and moss.
Fairy crafts to make fairy homes! Fairies need homes too!

Make A Fairy House Craft

Now that you have all of these adorable fairy dolls, make them a place to live! Crafts By Amanda has the cutest Woodland Fairy House.

Save up those toilet paper and paper towel cardboard rolls, and create a village of Toilet Roll Fairy Houses with this tutorial from Red Ted Art.

Make a Natural Woodland Fairy House to attract little fairies into your garden. – Red Ted Art

Fairies need homes too! And this Enchanted Fairy House is perfect to house some fairies!- Itsy Bitsy Fun

30 Fairy Crafts- make an orange fairy hate, green and pink fairy wings, a fairy crown made of flowers, a bracelet with fresh flowers, a fairy want with colorful beads, and colorful and sparkly wand.
Fairy wands, fairy wings, are even fairy bracelets to dress up as a fairy!

Make Believe Play Crafts – Be a Fairy!

You can’t be a fairy without accessories. Make a Fairy Hat to complete your outfit. – llevo el invierno

All fairy needs wings! These Homemade Fairy Wings are perfect for your little fairy to jump around in. – Secret Agent Josephine

Don’t like hats? That’s okay! If you make this Paper Bag Tiara then you can be a fairy princess or fairy prince!- Happy Hooligans

Fairies are known for being colorful and beautiful! Pretend to be magical and colorful with this simple Fairy Bracelet. – Creative Green Living

Did you know fairies are magical? They need their Fairy Wands!– NurtureStore

Need a more fancy fairy wand? Check out these Beaded Fairy Wands! Everything is better with colorful and sparkly beads!- The Artful Parent

30 Fairy Crafts- felt white mushrooms in a terracotta bowl, blue and green rocks with butterflies that say lettuce, Oz the great and powerful fairy garden, fairy bells on a colorful stick that is blue, dark blue, pink, and orange, fairy soup with flowers and glitter, a green fairy door on a tree, and fairy mud that is pink.
I don’t know which fairy craft I like more! The fairy mud or fairy soup?

Whimsical Fairy Crafts

Making a fairy garden? You will definitely want these Felt & White Birch Mushrooms to add. Fairies like them for décor, but they also make comfy seating!- Homework

Love Oz the Great and Powerful? Then this Oz the Great and Powerful Fairy Garden is for you!- Homework

Fairy Rocks for the Garden are colorful and full of magic. Plus, this fairy craft is useful to remind you what row of vegetation is what.- Creative Green Living

Instead of wind chimes, hang up Fairy Bells! Hang fairy bells from your porch, a tree, but they jingle and sing every time the window blows.- Buzzmills

Let fairies in your yard or garden! All you have to do is Make a Fairy Door.– Danya Banya

I don’t know about your kids, but mine like mixing things up which is why this Fairy Soup was a great fairy craft. Add water, shells, food coloring, glitter, and anything else and let them stir and feed the fairies.- Happy Hooligans

Fairy Mud is so much fun and smells good! It is made with ivory bar soap and toilet paper! – Happy Hooligans

30 Fairy Crafts-wheat bread with a heart cut out and rainbow sprinkles, white bread with cream cheese and sprinkles, rainbow sugar cookie bites, pink sugar cookie with sprinkles on a stick, colorful popsicles, pretzel sticks that are purple, pink, and green, boiled eggs with a tomato on top.
I don’t know which fairy recipe I want to make! I think the fairy cookie bites are first on my list.

Delicious And Pretty Little Fairy Recipes

Make a Fairy Sandwich! You use regular bread, cream cheese, jam, and sprinkles! It’s a sweet little treat. – Kids Activities Blog

I love Fairy Bread! I actually ate this when I was a child. You take a piece of bread, add cream cheese, sugar, and sprinkles! – Smart School House

I’ve also made these too (for the holidays), but these Fairy Bites taste so good!- Pink Piccadilly Pastries

These Fairy Wand Cookies are easy, magical, and delicious! They are perfect for anyone who loves fairies or is having a fairy themed party.- Red Ted Art

Want a cold sweet treat? These pink Fairy Popsicles are fruity, sweet, and full of colorful sprinkles.- Marla Meredith

We all know about the sugar plum fairies! Make these delicious, colorful, and almost sparkly Sugar Plum Fairy Sticks. – Baby Center

Fairies love mushrooms, and these Tasty Toadstools are a savory snack using boiled eggs and tomatoes. You could probably use mozzarella instead of boiled eggs too.- Taste of Home

More Fairy Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Looking for more fairy crafts? We have so many great fairy crafts that you and your kids will love!

Which fairy craft are you gonna make? Let us know in the comment section below.


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