20 Awesome Unicorn Facts For Kids Coloring Pages

Have a young one obsessed with unicorn activities? Today we have 20 awesome unicorn facts that will make them love these mythical creatures even more!

Unicorn Facts Coloring Page
Kids will love these unicorn facts coloring pages – they are perfect for kids of all ages!

Magically Awesome Unicorn Facts For Kids

Whether you’re celebrating National Unicorn Day or whether you just love unicorns, you will love all these unicorn facts!

What Is A Unicorn?

Before we get into all the magical facts you may be wondering what a unicorn is. In case you don’t know a unicorn is a magical creature with mystical powers.

It looks like a majestic horse…but with a horn of a unicorn. A unicorn horn is kind of like a narwhal tusk… but on a horse’s forehead.

They’re often depicted with a white body, blue eyes, and the color of hair is usually shades of blues, purples, and greens.

Different parts of the world have different descriptions of unicorns. Including a

  • winged unicorn
  • sea unicorn
  • Chinese unicorn
  • Siberian unicorn

and more.

20 Fun Unicorn Facts To Share With Your Friends

Unicorn facts are a fun ice breaker when meeting new friends at school. You can print out these unicorn information and facts sheets and give them to your friends and family.

Did you know a baby unicorn is called a foal or a sparkle?

Get ready because you are about to learn 20 fun facts about unicorns that you didn’t know before!

  1. A unicorn is a mythical creature similar to a horse with a single long horn.
  2. The word unicorn means “one-horn”
  3. Unicorns are typically described white, but actually, they can be of any color!
  4. Unicorns do not have wings. 
  5. When a unicorn has wings, they are called Pegasi.
  6. Unicorns represent innocence, purity, freedom, and power.
  7. The Ancient Greeks were the first ones to write about unicorns.
unicorn facts for kids
Did you know these interesting unicorn facts? You’ll have so much fun learning about unicorns!
  1. Unicorns are also mentioned in many Asian and European myths.
  2. Unicorns are thought to be good and pure creatures with magical powers.
  3. Their horns have powers to heal wounds and sickness and to neutralize poison. How cool, they have healing power!
  4. Legends say that unicorns are difficult to catch.
  5. Unicorns love eating rainbows.
  6. When two unicorn families meet, they travel happily together for weeks.
  7. The Unicorn’s eyes are Sky Blue or Purple.
Unicorn Facts Coloring Page
These unicorn facts for kids are perfect to share with your friends at a party!
  1. Unicorn absorbs its energy through its horn.
  2. If you touch a pure White Unicorn, you will find happiness forever.
  3. The Unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth.
  4. A baby unicorn is called a foal, just like a baby horse.
  5. But sometimes, baby unicorns are called “sparkles” too!
  6. The unicorn is the official animal of Scotland.

Bonus! Just like you, unicorns love to play games with their friends, such as hide-and-seek and tag!

Did you know that Unicorns are also a symbol of purity? They would often appear in folklore to young pure hearted maidens.

They are also symbols of good luck as well in so mythos.

There are movies and books based on Unicorns. One of the most popular being The Last Unicorn.

unicorn information and facts
These coloring pages of unicorn facts are free and ready to be downloaded!

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