10 Hacks To Make Your Your House Smell Amazing For The Holidays

One of the best things about the holidays is the specific smell in the air. You just need to know How to Bring That Holiday Smell Into Your House!

As a mom of three and two furry dogs, I get that it’s easier said than done. Most of the time I just hope that when we have visitors our home doesn’t smell like boy and dog ha!

How To Make Your Home Smell Good For The Holidays

So, if you are ready to make your home smell like the holidays, say no more! These hacks will take the smell in your house from drab to fab in no time!

Whether you have family visiting or the neighbors dropping by a gift, your house is going to smell just like the holidays (and will probably make everyone want to stay the night).

Hacks to Make Your House Smell Amazing For The Holidays


If you love the scent of fresh pine without all the mess of pine needles, these scenticles are genius! They smell amazing and can easily be hidden in your fake tree or around your home.

Scenticles are green stick ornaments in a jar that smell like freshly cut pine.
Scenticles are a great way to give a fake Christmas tree a fresh pine smell.

Homemade Holiday Potpourri

This Homemade Holiday Potpourri is a natural way to make your entire house smell amazing. Just simmer a few ingredients in a slow cooker or stove top and your entire home will be filled with a lovely aroma.

Nothing beats the sweet holiday home smell of cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and other fresh greenery like rosemary.

A crockpot with water, orange slices, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and rosemary.
Make your home smell like Christmas Via Simplistically Living


Diffuse a blend of essential oils in your home and it will smell amazing in just minutes! Our favorite holiday blend is below!

Using an essential oil diffuser, usually in a solution of water, can help make your home good and have health benefits. Not a fan of cinnamon?

Use a few drops of peppermint instead!

Holiday spirit diffuser blend with pinecones in the back- 3 drops cinnamon bar, 3 drops clove, and 3 drops orange
3 drops cinnamon bark, 3 drops clove, and 3 drops orange

Clove Oranges

Make Clove Oranges and stick them around your home. They smell amazing and look pretty too!

Whole cloves into and orange peel makes a very good smell. One that’s perfect for the holiday season.

An orange with whole cloves shoved into the orange peel
Put whole cloves into an orange a magical holiday scent Via Totally The Bomb

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Make homemade cinnamon scented pinecones and refresh the scent as needed. So much cheaper than store bought pinecones!

Who doesn’t love scented pine cones? I like to stock up on them in the fall so I can use them later to fill my home with the scents of Christmas.

Scented pine cones and fresh pine needles will make your home smell so fresh
Scented pine cones and fresh pine needles will make your home smell so fresh. Via Simplistically Living

Pine Needle Satchel

Make your own Pine Needle Satchel that smells amazing and doubles as a great holiday gift!

Not only do the pine cones smell good (if you use cinnamon scented ones), but the pine needles also smell fresh and good.

Smell good packs in plaid with a red bow
These little smelly good packs are perfect for any room. Via The Cavender Diary

Aromatic Wax Fire Starters

DIY Aromatic Wax Fire Starters not only smell amazing as they burn but are also a great way to quickly start a fire to keep warm during the winter!

aromatic wax melts in cup cake liners with pinecones, fresh greens and cinnamon sticks
Aromatic fire starters smell heavenly. Via Hello Glow

Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas Cookies with the family is always a great way to make your home smell INCREDIBLE while also enjoying a sweet treat for the holidays! Here’s a list of 75+ Christmas Cookies you can make!

Sugar cookies, circles and stars, with red and green frosting with white snow flakes on top
Baking is my favorite way to make my home smell good for the holidays.

Holiday Scented Car Freshener

Clip a Holiday Scented Car Air Freshener to House Air Vent and when the heater is turned on, your home will smell amazing! You can get holiday scented car clips here.

If you’re not a huge fan of the Christmas air freshener smells, you could also use the aromas of pine. They also make glade ones which smell fresh like dryer sheets.

Put a car freshener on your house air vent
This is such a clever way to make your home smell good, I love it!Via The Krazy Coupon Lady

Holiday Candles

If all else fails, a good, clean burning Christmas Candle will do the trick. My favorite place to get soy candles is on Etsy because they have so many scents, colors and options to choose from!

This is the easiest way to place smells in your homes! From the spicy smell of peppermint to the sweet smells of vanillas, candles really have all the Christmas scents.

Candles, 3, 1 with white and red string and candy canes and a white candle, 1 with pine and a red ribbon with a white candy, and 1 with red ribbon and pom poms with a white candle
Candles are a classic way to make your home smell good!

I sure these help your home smell just like the holidays all season long!

Looking For Another Easy Way To Keep Your Home SMelling Amazing?

Make your Christmas tree smell amazing and full of holiday scents with this DIY scented ornament. This simple craft project is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and make your home smell good.

We have even more DIY scented ornaments to make your home smell amazing. Fill them with vanilla bean, cinnamon, whatever Christmas scent is your favorite.

Keep your home smelling great after you clean! All you need is a spray bottle, your favorite essential oils, and a couple other ingredients.

Use your favorite aromatics to make your home smell good with these 25 hacks.

Which method are you going to use to make your home smell amazing this holiday season? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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